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  • alabamatigers11u alabamatigers11u Apr 23, 2012 2:55 PM Flag

    suprised ibio is stagnant now

    plx and ibio have diverged, plx is running nicely and ibio seems to have someone selling alot at 1.75. Still expect a nice pop Tue or Wed ahead of PLX FDA decision. PLX may hit 8 prior to May 1 the way it's running. Would like to see ibio hit at leats 2.25 by Fri.

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    • hoosier, gypsy, kig, we still dont have the question asked above about why the big drop end of last year. Anybody know? Hoosier, I threw that bit about psdv in as a tip, it has lots of room to run, in my opinion. By the way, I mentioned above about thinking ibio may make a run into the close, looks like it just started a little late to knock out the $2 level today. Maybe a good omen for tomorrow. With the huge Apple earnings, should bode real well for nasdaq tomorrow and hopefully the rising tide will lift all boats.

    • Frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised by the finish on a day like this. I was predicting a close of 1.75. On the other hand I was hoping for more of a dip to accumulate without averaging up too much tomorrow....

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      • I would not call daily higher highs being stagnent. OBIO is an a seven day run of very similar movement each day, being a pop, then drop, then quickly back up to green and holding rest of day. Some days have had a pop at close. I suspect one day, maybe today, the sp will go ballistic heading into close. just my opinion. By the way, ot, did any one here get into psdv on scotts nice article. It has been steady up recently, then got nice pop today on drug approval in Austria, with 6 other European countries ready to follow suit. It should go to at least $4 soon and is also buy candidate. glta

    • That closing was S to QS...

      "strong to quite strong"

    • not to mention today's market is absolutely dreadful.

    • I am not really that surprised to be honest. Investors still do not understand what IBIO is all about. They view IBIO as a catalyst play off of PLX, and I have even seen it called PLX's little brother. haha, so off base. If investors took their DD past the elevator speech stage and looked into the IBIO Launch a little deeper they would realize that PLX and IBIO are completely different and virtually unrelated.

      However, I am enjoying the short term catalyst play that is bringing in the investors...

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