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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 28, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

    Question re friday closing price?

    I just looked at IBIO site and see $1.60 as friday closing price. I thought I remember it closing at $1.68. Did I recall that wrong? Also, appears to be a huge increase in shares traded than I recall seeing. Was there a huge block sell at the close? Anybody with info, please clarify..

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    • Fridays closing price is irrelevent could have closed at 1.50 2 or 2.50 were it is 5/2 is when it gets fun. If PMB are approved we should see 5/share shortly. What IBIO has is beyond belief, everyone here besides a few longs has no idea, everyone is hoping for a double. This is 10 bagger potential. The LickM will be such a revenue generator in itself all current vaccine manufactures have been trying to produce such a product for the past 10 years since the autism scares have been about due to aluminum and mercury thermosol links. IBIO will be a game changer. Watch were this stock is in 3 months.
      I follow this board and never posted before but had to speak my thoughts.

    • Thats funny b/c I was going to ask the same question but thought I was going crazy.

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      • colby, Yes, I knew I saw it creep up to 1.69, then felll to 1.68 at close. Well, I just checked my scottrade account, and yes, it shows 1.68, with volume of 296,000. If you look at yahoo, it shows 1.60 and volume of 364,000. That is increase of 68,000 in volume. I am surprised no one else on this board has said anything about it. I do not recall seeing any afterhour action on IBIO. But that increase of 68,000 shares on yahoo site seems to indicate a late huge sale, but if so, why is it not on the scottrade site. Anyone out there know anything? As for the post that said what matters is the sp on May 2, that is not really the case. I loaded up on shares from 6 weeks ago until this week. I had fully expected to be well over $2. by Monday. I expect good new s Monday and Tue, but I know what can happen with bad news. I lost a ton in kerx/aezs on April 2 due to their failed phase 3 trial. I can not let all that I currently have ride on the plx decision. glta

    • Scottrade showing $1.68

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