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  • silverback719 silverback719 May 1, 2012 6:46 PM Flag

    Julian now is the time to put that same piece in NYT/WSJ

    This is the time and your piece was the most unbiased education to all of what the future holds.

    Thanks again for what youve taught me.

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    • IBIO would trade over $10.00 per share if we could get into both of these.

    • PLX is trading up 16% on TASE. This link has the intraday chart so far:

      Opened higher then fell off a bit but still holding 16% gain from previous close. It would be reasonable to view IBIO trading today to follow a similar pattern. They both had similar runs up to PUDFA and then fall offs a few days before as both became overbought. I believe that close coupling will hold for now.

      What IBIO needs now are some internal catalysts, news of contracts, significant partnerships, or licensing deals. Something booking real revenues, showing this company moving the needle toward profitability would produce the best outcome. Potential is never going to be enough. At some point they have to execute. The company can continue to show losses if they are growing the top line and cash flows.

      Potential is great for traders. Serious long term investors, especially institutional investors, eventually want them to "show me the money".

    • I agree with that but as plumbgil said we are sick of pumpers "no offense moffish" this is an investment that will pay out big. Longs dont care about tommorow or monday we care about were it is in september.

    • Heck we saw proof today in A.H. how more advanced IBIO is versus PlX. PLX went up 23% on their Positive FDA panel while IBIO finished up 29%!

    • 500 shares of IBIO just went through @ 1.75. I don't see an ask on my level 2 streamer. Anybody?

    • get lost and go post on another board are a disgrace.

    • I see a high of 2.50 pre-market and a close of 1.95 or better.

    • The PLX story went out over all the news services today (AH). People are reading up right here and now about the potetial IBIO has over PLX. I think we see a large GAP UP over $2.00 per share then a small pull back then NEW 52 week HIGHS. Sorry if any of you missed the low price boat today.

    • ren, spike hoosier,silver, Julian, others, You guys got me pegged wrong. I am offended by those comments. let me explain, I am an investor who prefers new tech and idea, often in boitech. I foumd this stock about 3 months ago, bought in, saw it move up and down from .80 to 1.15, but after I noticed the consolidation aroun 1.20, I knew it was for real. I am in no way a pumper, I admit I do get excited, but I only post facts or my sensible idea, not pie in the sky stuff. You can go back and look at my chart reading prediction post, which turned out well, and I did a thread re sp move since Mid march. I actually posted heads up on ibio board before scott, you can check it out. On the day before good friday, I noticed big volume kicking in, and alerted fellow longs on ais board about the opp, also alerted longs here. I admit, I was wrong on what I would think would happen after scotts article, I thought it would be a pivot that would hold sp in upper ones and we would see $3 by today, the scott followers who took quick profit did well, in hindsight. But that is not my plan here, thought you guys appreciated my efforts, and in this thread , if you read, I had to take insurance today, kept a sizable amount, and will be adding in 1.60 to 2.20 range, to get back to my previous amount. I do not mind a higher average, because I think common sense dictates that a sure thing at 1.80 to $2 is a lot better buy than a risk at 1.40, when you are talking $10, $20 or more in the future, the .50 cent diff is miniscule. glta

    • mo i like your take if it stays under my average around 2.10 ill pick up 5k more today.

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