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  • barrygio barrygio Jul 25, 2008 6:06 AM Flag

    caty v ewbc

    Provision for loan losses:

    EWBC = $85 million
    CATY = $20.5 million

    Net Charge Offs

    EWBC = $34.8 million
    CATY = $2.5 million

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    • CATY stock will suffer.

      Lack of PR. CATY is worth slightly more than EWBC. EWBC just lost $25 million and CATY just made $19 million.

      Stock will suffer and institutions will sell. Look at UCBH, they are aggressively pumping their stock price even after a huge dilution and huge problem asset increase. People buy in to a story. The problem here is that CATY won't do PR. Investors lack confidence that management will keep the stock price up even if they report profit.

      EWBC has Julia out there talking nonsense about east meets west when they have a huge portfolio of Inland Empire loans. Analysts love that crap. They are purely media driven and knows nothing. Buy UCBH instead because Tommy knows how to bs with analysts.

    • CATY is doing just fine.

      *Remain profitable

      *Low charge off

      *High equity ratio

      *Adequate loan loss reserve VS charge off

      *Not in Subprime

      *Real estimate market will pick up by year end as many anlysist predicted

      *Increase in Deposit from customer

      *Agressive in cutting cost after GE bank purchase which is a NY based bank. Chinese Real estate market remain strong.

      *Borrwers are mainly chinese has different sources of income including oversea investment from their home coutry

      In sum, the bank is operating and making money. It is the west coast real estimate market pending for recovery.

      This is just my opinion. Freedom of Speech.

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