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  • piccaso1881 piccaso1881 Mar 13, 2009 4:39 PM Flag

    I don't understand people trading AH's


    Why pay more for something in AH's when you had all day to buy it cheaper. Same goes when selling, why sell for less in AH's when you had all day to sell for more.
    It's beyond me, what makes someone pay top buck or give something away in AH's.
    No news? Nothing changed? Totally weird.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • FASB to discuss M2M clarification in its board meeting Monday. News just broke out at 4:35 pm.

      • 1 Reply to oceanviewmarketing
      • Look BOB,

        I don't have a dog in this fight. In fact I'm mostly in PMs
        and cash. BUT by removing or modifying M2M, no body is going
        to know the true value of these financial PR1CKs.

        They caused this whole mess which gave the shorts a lot of amo
        over the last couple of years.

        The only reason I scan these boards once in a while is that
        there are a few (OK maybe a couple) of individuals that have
        been dead on with their analysis and they still are long or

        As the name implies, I don't like shorting, but you have to
        respect the ones that know what they are talking about. I
        don't know and don't care if FAZ is up or down. But you would
        be a lot more credible if you could back up your strong buy
        or strong sell claims with data/facts/analysis.



    • Buying in AH...i don't know.

      Selling...maybe someone got tied up at work all day and didn't get a chance to sell but they want to get out before Big Ben's Sunday Night Special

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