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  • junkyarddag junkyarddag Mar 14, 2009 3:02 PM Flag

    The Monkey and the rope


    people chasing FAZ here will be convinced of what my future telescope is showing over the due course of the next two months.

    Then they will be ready for my next insight that will help them recover in a $1.15 stock that could easily be better than a 3 X's etf and actually be a 30 X's to 300 X's gainer.

    But too many here are not mentally prepared to listen yet. YOU have to experience the loss of what I am trying to caution you about

    Take heed and don't be a monkey on 3 X's crack .

    Do you know how natives capture a monkey in the wild? they make a hole in a coconut just the size of monkey's hand. Then the put candy in it , and tie a rope around it.

    Now a monkey hooked on sugar learns to want it very bad. So all the monkey has to do is open his fist and his hand can easily slip out and he can escape. But he won't. He can't let go of that candy desired so very badly.

    FAZ chasers are the same as the monkeys, they can't let go.

    In the wild they eat monkeys. I the market, monkeys get eaten alive.

    don't be a FAZ monkey. WE will chat again.

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