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  • walter_reed2001 walter_reed2001 May 2, 2009 8:22 AM Flag

    "EVERYTHING" is already priced into the MARKET!!!

    How can anyone fix a confetti problem with more confetti?
    Debt with more debt?

    It is though JPM/C/BAC is a huge old fashion
    floor leg bathtub overflowing up on the 4th floor of a Bronx tenement house spilling derivatives and unpayable debt down the stairs to the ground floor and out onto the sidewalk.
    The Ben squad arrives, races up the slippery stairwell carrying buckets of water-debts to dump it into tubs to "solve-jump start" the problem.

    Production-savings is capital formation, handing out rakes and road safety vests to 20 million Mexicans to fix 350 US Interstate cloverleafs is solving nothing.

    The morons in DC should sit down and bring back DELL, GM, Apple etc to America, hire legal citizens, kill off the offshore tqax scam bring capital-production back to the country.

    The Bush-Clinton Crime Family sold America out with "globalism" so-called "Free Trade" treaty-scams and Obama has added his own version but with just more polish and slick.

    The best thing for America is close down DC, move the Capital to Nome, Alaska have citizens who love the country be elected to serve for $100 a week , food and lodging for 6 mos, and go home.

    We have this well oiled odious professional political class.

    They come down to DC, never go home, milk the corporates for money before, during and after their sorry stint in DC, a disgrace to the country, nearly every last one of them except Dr Ron Paul of Texas.

    The Zionist owned mega corporate media buried Ron Paul when he ran. They hyped these Chicago slickster types Denzel and Beyonce , and now our mismanaged national problems are accelerating us straight into the storm sewer of history. Bush and Clinton are traitors...full stop. They belontg in jail.

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