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  • pentium_six pentium_six May 23, 2009 6:05 PM Flag

    FAZ HEADING TO 45.00 .. june-july

    US stock market is a "number game"

    Goldman Sachs doesn't really lose any money watching their 136.50 stocks tank to 70.00
    They shorted their own stock already.. the lower it goes the more money they make.

    much easier to take Goldman Sachs from 136.50 to 70.00

    then trying to push Goldman Sachs from 136.50 to 200.00 (do you know how much money is going to take to push GS to 200.00 ?? )

    There's so much profits in GS right now.. it doesn't take much to cause a avalanche.

    JPM 35.00 to 50.00
    JPM 35.00 to 15.00

    which is easier to do ?

    I say 35.00 to 15.00

    REMEMBER this is a "NUMBER GAME"
    Goldman Sachs can short their stocks all the way to 40.00 if they want .. and later pump it back up to 100.00 again

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