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  • edward_rose_77 edward_rose_77 Jun 30, 2009 5:14 PM Flag

    Listen Carefully: RIDE the next bubble, don't be a victim


    The scariest thing right now for those "Not in the loop" that I can sense... as a result of what bashers are posting and what the controlled media is saying, is people thinking that the market is going to keep going up and the doomsday'ers are all full of it.

    "I might miss it!"

    Listen Carefully:

    Goldman-types have made money on every bubble, on the way up and on the way down. The last bubble was oil. They bought low, sold high, and shorted it all the way down.

    They ALWAYS need a bubble to be going on. Sometimes the bubble build longer (like housing), and sometimes they build in a 3 months to 6 month period. (Like oil)

    THE CURRENT BUBBLE is the "Market Optimism / Gov Pump" bubble. The in-the-knows rode it up, and they are about to short the sh*t out of it on the way down.

    Listen Carefully:

    The ONLY way to not fall into the trap of the first paragraph in this post (read it again), is to Short this market. This is not even about FAZ. Short ANYTHING. And do it now. Tomorrow the tanking will begin.

    Edward Rose

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