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  • gapdownsouthretires417 gapdownsouthretires417 Jun 30, 2009 9:32 PM Flag

    do you expect the banks to say they are bankrupt?

    those liars have the RIGHT to lie


    they raise over limit on debits to what 45 bucks now i think it was something like 35 bucks when this all started.

    now jpm leads the charge raise minimum payment to 5% of outstanding

    credit scores are going lower daily because banks are cutting credit lines rapidly

    HORRIBLE DEPRESSION just starting

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    • No credit does not equal depression (!=).

      I think >15% (reported index) unemployment = depression.

      We are getting close fast on the reported front.

      I really think it is heading to stagflation. Lots of big banks to fail. They can't continue if they don't make the loans for income. They are and will be required to hold more reserves with FASB changes ... where is that going to come from? Sell off assets - to who for how much? Oh yeah, no mark to market LOL! Who would buy at their asking price?

      Buffet made his choice with GS... last bank standing? Of course ... he had some cash.

      Will the other banks need a Buffet? Gates up to it? Who else is left?

    • If I was them, I would raise it to 10 percent.
      Better get those things in now before Obama ties you up.

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