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  • gapdownsouthretires417 gapdownsouthretires417 Jul 6, 2009 4:06 AM Flag

    markets without shorts HAVE NO PRICE SUPPORT

    no rookies are short this market ALL ROOKIES HAVE BEEN WAITINg TO BUY DIPS.

    rookies abound AND I CAN assure u i have read and heard plenty OF ROOKIES on radio selling people their service MAKING BAD CALLS AS WELL which means even those paid rookies are not in on the market drop here.

    MEANS MARKET HAS no price support NO SHORTS NO PRICE SUPPORT it's really that simple

    and that was the dangerous game goldman and the government PLAYED

    easy money with all me shorts in this market LONG TERM SHORTS

    tried warning on all boards for weeks BUT LIKE USUAL nobody believes



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    • this is not always the case.... as there is no possible way for there to be short positions on everything... @some point, it is like a chain reaction... the selling starts on one end, and it chain reacts to other ends where no short positions are had... it is simply selling overwhelming buying... if you kept everyone from selling, then yes, maybe markets to be held up, but then what would it be called... but what would you say for false buying??? what would you call all the fake buying that went on during march??? no long complained there...

    • <<what would you call all the fake buying that went on during march???>>

      I'd call that government stimulus(to the banks), but what do I know.

      Well looking at website, and looking at the monthly % returns on the broad indexes, the march rally let the next two months continue onward upward, BUT in JUNE that faded. The % return in the stock market for the month of June was no better than the G-FUND(saving bond return) so now, all the money is done put in, and now it is no longer safe to be in the stock market. So I figure the market has only one way to go, DOWN...

      There is no money left for "false buying"...

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