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Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X ETF Message Board

  • gapdownsouthretires417 gapdownsouthretires417 Jul 11, 2009 10:56 PM Flag

    if bush did not allow paulson to give all that money to GS

    we might not have a STOCK MARKET TO TRADE

    so ease up on that chatter AND i voted for obama by the way.

    REMEMBER madolff was a big marking making firm also making market in stocks such as aapl. he wasn't all ponzi.

    SO think before u post.

    u had market making firms bear and lehman go under IF u had not saved goldman our entire market may have collapesed.

    they had to CHOOSE someone TO save AND THEY CHOSE the sharpest and the brightest.

    so ease up on that crap.

    WE need someone in the middle of our trades OR WE HAVE NO MARKET and those someones in the middle are always at risk THIS IS WHY they have to develope programs to OUTSMART all the programs others develope. there are other hedge funds with programs as sharp or maybe even sharper than goldmans boxes.

    SO RELAX take the hate out and just trade the tape and charts.

    faz is going higher OVER TIME but one day the basher types are right faz will also go to zero or close to zero.

    BUT FROM MUCH MUCH MUCH higher levels AND ONLY after the bear market ends.

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