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  • carvajal.nelson carvajal.nelson Jul 11, 2009 11:23 PM Flag

    This must be a nation of suckers

    1)we bail out the banks with tax payer money
    2)The fed lends them money at 0% interest rate while they screw us at 10-25% interest rate.
    3)They short change the taxpayer when repaying back tarp.
    4) They jack our credit card interest rates.
    5) They horde the cash and don't lend out the money.
    6) They pay themselves handsome bonuses thanks to tax payer money.
    7) They offer a ppip plan to rob even more taxpayer money by making the banks 100% whole
    then they take 7% to try to inflate the toxic junk and gamble with taxpayer money.
    8) 2 trillion unaccounted for.
    9) GS playing the market for suckers, robbing investors money.
    10) banks lying on mark 2 fantasy earnings and people falling for it and purchasing shares just to be set up for the fall.

    Are we a nation of suckers or what?

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    • gapdownsouthretires417 gapdownsouthretires417 Jul 11, 2009 11:38 PM Flag

      no we traders are not a nation of suckers we will profit from the above truths.

      at the same time we will root for our brothers and sisters in america that don't know any better

      and we will continue as we have since summer of 2007 tell our brothers and sisters of america to stay in cash and not invest.

      but we will be ready some time in 2010 or 2011 to tell them to invest again.

      nobody would be a sucker if you'd just tell u r friends and family these truths but don't forget to tell them to invest in america the great once we hit bottom sometime in the above prescribed time frame.

      the market will bottom some place between spx 400 and 200's PEACE

    • Okay, what's your alternative plan to recapitalize the banks? I am NOT interested in recriminations. I am interested in ANSWERS.

    • Totally. But when the dollar collapses guess who is the biggest sucker of all time. The person who has most dollars. Joe six pack has debt. Debt is the way to go. Pile shit load of debt from here to the sky and just walk out on this socialist govt.

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      • I suppose you think this whole mess was created in just the last few months Obama has been in office? Hmmm! and how stupid are you? Or wait, it must have been created "8" years ago when Clinton was president? So our country in the last 8 years has been in the best shape ever. Wow! in just a few months power hungry executives where given the oportunity to destroy the economy. Simply amazing!

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