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  • mle228 mle228 Jul 23, 2009 12:17 AM Flag

    They finally fooled all of you..........

    It only took them 5 and a half months this time. The fake vision of a rainbow blasting through the darkest of clouds is really starting to take its course. I must say, as someone who has been buying Faz for 4 months now, basically at the same price (between 4.18 and 4.90) I finally feel like I'm gonna start to make a lot of money. To those of you who want to go long in this CANCER market, God Speed my friends, you will all suffer the same pain you suffered the first time. I know this market will crash, it needs to, infact it should have stayed down in 2000 when it first tanked, than maybe we would have not been stuck in this endless bubble forever. the market has not changed in years people. Since 2000 11 trillion dollars have been removed ( or lost) in U.S. markets. Bubble after bubble has burst, dating back to when the DOW was over 14,000, this market has done one thing and one thing only, continue to plunge. The next step in this mess is the DOW collapsing to 5,000 which it will certainly do. The biggest ponzi scam in the world, is the farse that continues to be the U.S. economy. A group of people who complain when they have jobs, and are anxious to receive free bullshiat handouts when they lose them. "Woe is me" should be our new countries slogan. Racist this and unfair that, everything that somehow doesn't go our way is either a conspiracy or just bad luck. While our forefathers who are turming over in their graves right now made their own damn luck, thats what made America great, that is what has been stripped by welfair, liberals, and the idea that simply being American grants you to all of Americas liberties without hard work and dedication. That is the kryptonite to Democracy, once the peasants figure out they can vote themselves out of it, they do.

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