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  • show_me_da_proof show_me_da_proof Jul 25, 2009 1:21 AM Flag

    This is for all longs. VERY IMPORTANT

    Oh, like the naked shorting and stealing from the American investor was a good thing?

    These banks and "financial institutions" are crooks and theives. When OUR government cleanses themselves and starts doing what is right for this country, then come back and talk to me. Otherwise, I've done my research and I am positioned accordingly!

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    • alot feel like that guy that posted that crap and majority of them will be crushed by where this market is heading.

      half of them don't realize market making new highs inside this cycle and every last one of my shorts is still very very deep in the money and i started those may 11th and more middle of june.

      on a couple i had to roll foreward my puts ie aapl and bidu BUT OTHER THAN THAT nothing but money

      c they look at these 3 times etfs dropping daily but thats to be expected when market goes sideways and maintains an upward bias.

      what they don't realize is these will actually compound faster than the bull 3 times did when the GREAT SLIDE BEGINS. and it's a coming IN A FEW WEEKS via my chart work.

      THE pull back this week into the one to follow will be mild BY COMPARISSON to the one that should ramp up going into august opex and beyond.

    • naked shorting is just as bad

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