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  • kingoffazervale kingoffazervale Aug 8, 2009 7:55 PM Flag

    Follow me my fazlings, within this post lies the key to victory

    Greeting my dear little Fazlings!

    As King of Fazervale, I hereby issue a decree of emergency and plan of counterattack. We have been taking heavy casualties as of late. It is my duty as King to protect the well-being of all fazlings of Fazervale and will do anything in my power to do so. If you follow my order, you will assist in the victory of your fellow fazlings in these hard times. We shall overcome this emergency!!

    The evil eyes and goblins of Fazzyeye have been working diligently and mischievously to drive you from your home, steal your riches and lay ruin to our beloved city. They have sworn allegiance to the Man of Gold, an evil golem made of solid gold who we believe lies within a secure location within the depths of Fazzyeye who uses the evil eyes to oversea operations.

    After consulting with my astrologers and soothsayers, we have determined that the number 22 is key in the reversal of this brutal trend. The number 22 is a weakness point in the evil machine which lies within the depths Fazzyeye, controlled by the Man of Gold.

    My fazlings, I emplore you to unlease as much firepower at 22 as you possibly can, it is the duty of every Fazling. The number 22 lies the weakness in the structure that will turn the trend in our favor and save our people from total destruction.

    Remember 22, save this decree in your supply bag and be strong, Fazervale wants YOU.

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