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  • slurpyslurp2003 slurpyslurp2003 Aug 31, 2009 12:40 PM Flag

    Deleveraging? Really?

    The FDIC and Fed are leveraging up everyday...taking more and more risks for the bankers. This isn't actually printing money until they recognize the losses....that's the magic question....when will they come clean and what may force their hand? My guess is Congress says enough already. Thoughts?

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    • not until after the 2010 elections, these politicans don't care about our country. They just want to keep their jobs and be rich.

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      • Another question needs an answer, if the house of cards does begin to fall, who will they blame this time, and what efforts are left to prevent another meltdown?

        If the street knows the game is fixed, why are they playing along and buying these hyper stocks, also why would the tutes buy these hyper stocks?

        Also if the markets are getting frothy why would people continue to put their money at risk?

        And in a time when people were just trying to get the principal back after 50% to 90% losses why would they risk a huge loss again in a market that has ripped them off several times?

    • Governments are living in cloud cuckoo land!

      "Trillions of dollars have been created to prop up the financial system. Almost all of this money has gone to the banks and financial institutions. A very small percentage has gone to industry. But the consumer who is the main victim of the crisis is getting no benefit at all. Instead the consumer will be progressively worse off as the crisis unfolds. Many will be unemployed. In July there were 126,000 bankruptcy filings in the US, up 34% from a year earlier. In the US the real unemployment today is 20%. or 30 million people. With dependents it means that around 100 million people, or 1/3 of the population, are affected by unemployment already. This number is likely to grow dramatically. In the UK official unemployment is 2.4 million or 6.5%. But real unemployment including benefit seekers is 6.4 million or 17%. This means that including dependants circa 20 million people or 1/3 of the population are affected by unemployment today also in the UK."

    • no congress are pussies they need fed's money
      but the rest of the world stop listening to US bs
      and that's the beginning no way fed's can control the whole world for much longer too many strings

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