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  • free22jt free22jt Sep 22, 2009 12:14 PM Flag

    I simply do not understand the market

    just read an article where there are hundreds of large dryshippers sitting empty in the harbors, plus 7.58% of all home mortgages at least 30 days past due, plus commercial real is in the tank and ready to collaspe....and the stock market continues to rise.
    Would a knowledgable long term investor explain this to me?

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    • the only thing that matters if the vehicle goes up or down; nothing else matters; what is really on bank's books? it doesn't matter; are we solvent as a country? it doesn't matter; is there a 50% uneployment rate? it doesn't matter;

      the only thing that matters is if I can get you to buy something I own at a higher price than I paid OR get you to sell at a lower price than you paid;

    • havetohowdo sums it up

      Speculation. This is a 1999 mentality. The Federal Reserve is printing money and Goldman and the speculators are running all the money right into the stock market. No good trying to put it to use creating jobs, Bernanke and Geithner said a stock rally is all they care about.

      I just read how trucking freight volumes are down 15% year-over-year so everything is down but speculators know the Fed will protect their money in the stock market.

      I think it is all idiotic. Just printing money to the same exact speculators that were given free funny money before. How to fix "the crisis"? Give money right back to the same exact people!! WTF!!

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      • a desparate scramble to get out of the dollar.

        Oh yeah, accounting fraud and insider market manipulation too.

        That will teach the average American to try to save their money and buy treasuries to fund our beautiful country.

        The new paradigm: borrow more than you can afford, declare bankruptcy, make the other guy pay for your excesses, and create chaos to destroy the future of the USA.

    • The jewish crooks ad Goldman sachs are stealing your money using computers to jump in front of regular traders to manipulate the is cheating approved by goldman sachs. And jewish people, please do not say goldman sachs is not jewish. Stop using racism to hide behind the truth. I am a minority, so you can't use the race card you crooks. They have driven up the markets on lies, and manipulation. They are more evil than satan himself, because they stole your tax dollars to do it.

    • The market anticipates recovery 6-9 months before it occurs. Shorting the biggest Bull Market in modern history is folly. FAZ might hold some opportunity during the next correction. Maybe a bump from $13.50 to $18, or so. You're better off going long on BAC than buying FAZ at these levels. The trend is your friend.

    • I may not be knowledgeable but I keep hearing the same thing: Money managers "must" buy in order to keep pace with industry/peer gains so for that reason the market will continue up until at least the end of the year.

      That explanation is weak imo but that is what the talking heads are using for the market rise. I'm almost certain that people on tv are never wrong.

    • I like to see who the largest percentage decliners for the day are and then go to that company's message board and just kind of laugh at all the bagholders.

      It's something I like to do

    • On CNBC this morning a floor trader at the NYSE was interviewed regarding the market run-up and he said “all the traders here know that the fundamentals to back this rise in the market are not there, however, everyone believes/thinks the market will move higher so we are all holding our noses and closing our eyes and just buying.”

      Now if that don’t tell you that it’s time to get out of this BS market I don’t know what will.

    • In other words the longs don't have a clue. They go with the herd. They may find a cliff if they don't stop running before the others do.

    • We are in a bubble. The dollar is becoming worthless. Inflation is getting out of control. Congress doesn't buy groceries or worry about filling their gas tanks so we never include those numbers for inflation. All manufactured numbers in their funny reports to hide what is truly happening. As they print more and more funny money to keep wall street happy. Talked to some fund managers pouring money into the market. Saying they will get their bonuses his year. It's not their money at risk but the retirees and middle class who entrust them again and will again suffer the consequences. Will they sit back for the third time and watch everything they own dissolve or will they fight back this time.

    • This rally is driven by large banks: JPM, GS, BAC. All these fraud entities are trading at bubble time price. JPM is almost 180 billion in market cap, GS is quite close, BAC is at 170 billion, even the bankrupt AIG is trading at 10 billion market cap.

      Remember this, the FED injected 5 trillion $ into the banking system through auction, free money, fraud money and TARP. This market will explode pretty soon. you will see Dow at 5000, SP at 30000 fairly soon.

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