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  • marykat71702 marykat71702 Oct 17, 2009 7:00 PM Flag

    Sharpton threatens suit against Limbaugh

    have you ever actually listened to the show?

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    • wanttobeamillionairefromstocks wanttobeamillionairefromstocks Oct 17, 2009 8:44 PM Flag

      Yes I have heard him many time when I used to work in USA. I disrespect any talk show host, especially Limbaugh whom I despise as they all evoke emotional extremists topics be it against political party, or against judicial matters, or against religion, or against anything. They all talk with hate and arrogance often being demeaning just to evoke peoples emotions and get phone calls. Such rogues should not be made political leaders. They are caught between being showbiz and insane.

      That's my two cents. There is one more guy who is like a street fighter of talk show - i am forgetting his name - ah that guy Michael Savage. Such an immoral person who feels elevated and big by putting others down, be it of another political party of religion or race or gender. They are all useless freaks who are abusing freedom of speech.

      Go ahead and give Limbaugh some more pain killers is it tylenol or branded morphine drug user.

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      • you're the one that seems to be using the hate speech. People have the choice to listen or turn the dial. A lot of people have chosen to listen to the man...not because he spews hatred (which he does sometimes)...but because he is pretty damn truthful and accurate on his takes.

        Case and point...look at healthcare and Obama. He said before the election that Obama would be a polarizing figure. He did not buy into the notion that Obama being elected would help race relations in this country.

        Can anyone say he was wrong about that?

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