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  • toofunnyyouare toofunnyyouare Nov 13, 2009 11:36 AM Flag

    Just got off phone with Chase...

    are they so greedy they are becoming stupid?? or do they think the American public is stupid?

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    • They're pushing as far as they can. Just like all the fine print that they screwed people with- 0% APR balance transfers that would blow up and retroactively charge big interest if a payment was late, or an overlimit occured (an overlimit that they approve of course), or if Venus was in conjunction with Pleadies. These slimeballs used every flippin loophole they could to screw people on CC's, and mortgage applications. Yeah, I'm all for personal responsibility and people need to read the contracts they sign, BUT- when the bankers design contracts that they themslves are unable to read/understand without a lawyer to decode- the contracts are then a purposeful fraud to systematically fleece those who trust the BIG PRINT and sales pitches.

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