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  • zedsdead2237 zedsdead2237 Feb 18, 2010 7:37 PM Flag

    Most important Bear Thread Youll ever Read

    Anyone on here telling you how " irrelevant" the hike will be is frightened and optimistic and here is why?
    1. The entire rally has been predicated on Fed and Govt sitting on sidelines letting Wall Street come back with infinite 0% rates for much much longer than today
    2. The administration is scared after MA. Elections and k ow America understands Wall St has been getting charity at their expense.
    3. Obama is at all time low approval ratings
    4. There is NO SIGNS of a recovery as evident by today even after all the Billions in stimulus.
    5. A record number of incumbents are not running because they cannot win
    6. Congress and the Senate are being flooded with Emails asking for a FED audit, Rico charges against banks, Geithner dismissal and Bernanke being reappointed
    7. Consumer credit is Dying daily and monstrously
    8. Claims are ending
    9. Pres. Obama knows if he is going to win in 2012 Wall street needs to suffer and be dismantled
    10. Inflation just reared it's head today strongly.
    11. Most importantly China just proved they were backing out of auctions which is our lifeblood. The Fed is terrifyied of this.
    12. The Teaparty will be a HUGE 2012 threat
    13. Glenn Beck is growing in popularity, ratings anf influenece
    14. The Internet permits increases transparency
    16. Greece has riots
    17,Fictional Accouting makes banks look solvent
    18. Credit card,bk defaults and borrower from the 90s are now beginning to go underwater
    19. we have the worst unemployment situation since the Depression
    20. We have an entirely Producingless econmomy and all Service economy
    21. We did not ship 30% of our jobs overseas to save money in 1930
    22. We did not have a welfare, lazy fuhk carry a cane have 5 kids live in the projects for free economy in 1930
    23. Leverage from credit was a fraction of what it is today

    The markets will collapse from here. Anyone telling you otherwise has been too beaten down by this seemingly unstoppable bull for 9 months and is looking for an easy trade. Therebis no warning bell.
    We are worse off than on March of 09
    this is a bear market rally
    the economy has Never been worse
    And FAZ is a triple
    understand Wall street will never be the same
    Etrade and teir gluttony made th obsolete
    their greed ruined them forever

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