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  • kaptnkirk53 kaptnkirk53 Feb 19, 2010 11:38 AM Flag

    Who will come back 1st Tiger or Toyota??

    Tiger has a better chance. JMO

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    • Good question. Both have problems stopping when they're supposed to.

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      • The whole thing with toyota was to get us to buy american. The govt needs us to switch to our defective domestic models instead of our buying foreign. If you remember the clunkers for cash backfired on them people bought foreign not american. And govt is finding people not buying GM so let's get on the band wagon and bring the japenese vechicles to their knees. All these cars have the same defects but we focus on japan since they have been a major threat. Need to get people to buy domestic. I'll never forget my ford that i finally trashed last year. Their were so many defects and they only recalled after a number of tragedies and then it was one recall after another. I've had more problems with defective american products then the foreign counterparts. I remember a very close friend who worked at one of car plants. He always told me don't buy a car manufactured on a monday or friday. Friday they got their checks and wanted to go to the local bar and monday they were still hungover and pissed they were working and those cars were just slapped together and potential lemons.

    • Tiger... Toyota is still Moving Forward... thank you, I'll be here all week

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