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  • heisthegreatest heisthegreatest Jun 21, 2010 6:59 PM Flag

    You better stop thinking police will help these

    I think we are about to turn into the wild west days better be packing if your going to walmart...these should wake you up though

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    • @heisthegreatest

      The majority of the people don't want to be awakened. It is sad, but it's their nature.

      This is one of my aquaintances online. He's federal after returning from the special forces in Iraq. Cool guy and he knows alot of people in the system.

      The "awareness" is afraid of the execution of "operation blackjack"- There are people in the system who try to monitor and prevent the black ops, but who would ever guess on the oil rig?!

      My estimate and opinion is the backside of the new 10 dollar bills, but I don't know the building. Prior info leaks are a dirty bomb of the radiation type in an HVAC unit on top of the building. The building is somewhere on the water, possibly a river. Most likely it is a government building. This will be the premise for an Iran attack and could be very soon.

      The more people who are aware of the real terrorist in the country, the less likely they will be able to create the chaos. This is going to require the entire population to stand up and say "enough"!

      Best regards and preserverance-

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      • there is something the webbots are seeing happening the financial collapse...the 28th is the anniversary of WWI and the assignation of that prince of Austria
        this is part 4 .com/user/jonah70757#p/u/2/-zt6IZejlUg

        take out the space before the .com

        Glenn Beck spoke that something in historic proportion is about to happen just a few days ago... .com/user/captianusa#p/u/12/LMQcsok2PpY

        sorry Im not as skilled as you dudes, take the space before the .com

        times are very scary...and Obama and his admin are scarying the schit out of me!
        specially nancy! anyone want her to sit
        on your face? blah!

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