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  • wrestling_1352001 wrestling_1352001 Sep 20, 2010 9:45 PM Flag

    Tea Baggers and Repubs are forgetting

    You racist SOB!

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    • Half the blacks out there are on welfare... half the whites aren't... so you can have all the black kids you want, choose your style of life that way... or have 1-3 kids (or whatever) have a FAMILY eat dinner with them, teach them right from wrong, care for one another... then we can get rid of the ghettos...

      It's not about having more kids to help "vote" so you get your way.

      You are one close-minded person

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      • oh its not? then you are indirectly implying that we do not live in a democratic society with that statement.

        Last I was told our country's government was a democracy, that means majority wins, so if minorities are having more kids then whites and all those kids grow up the minorities with more kids will be the majority and whites will be the minority.

        USA will be like South Africa or Brazil and guess what?

        They have booooooming economies, lol

        So whats to worry about, lol?

    • How does it make me racist by telling the truth?

      What you people don't get is that the news (infotainment) will report on poll numbers which are targeted to a certain age group anyways!!!!

      How do you think the polls look if you ask 18-26 year olds the exact same questions?

      White people need to get off they butt and start having kids or their ideology will die when they do, lol!!!!!

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