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  • dublucash2004 dublucash2004 Oct 5, 2010 11:44 AM Flag

    I am about to get out...

    Thank goodness - it's a sure sign FAZ is bottoming when the little guys sell....

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    • the people who bought fas during the time i have held faz have done very well holding for more than two days....

      my thoughtprocvess is the only way to make real money on this etf is to buy at a lowprice, and have the market go one direction. the trouble is i bet ont he wrong direction.

      yes i am a little guy..and yes i may just be out of the market for good. ia m young...and i wasn't investing during the "good ol' days". i was a college student during the housing bubble when prices tripled so i didnt get a piece of that.

      I started my investment career right before the huge market crash of that time I was long. All my generation has ever known about investing is that it is completely futile and never pays off...EVER. Hell that's why I went short in the first place...

      It's pretty depressing actually...the mess my generation is being left.

    • im nervous to buy FAZ because most of the indicators have all hit their 200 day avgs and have bounced above it.

    • there were idiots getting out at $1000. was that the bottom?

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