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  • imikewillrockyou imikewillrockyou Jan 25, 2011 11:11 PM Flag

    Everyone enjoy Obama's Dog & Pony Show?

    It's not fair that there are tax loopholes that allow the rich to pay no taxes while others are paying some of the highest taxes in the world. We need to close those loopholes so everyone is paying high taxes.

    Hey Mr. President how about abolishing the FED and the IRS? You know real reform that will allow America to be competitive again? Hello dope bags in congress, we want REAL reform not another dog and pony show.

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    • Theater! Nothing more, nothing less.

    • I noticed that the majority of his speech focused on 25 & 30 years into the future... I'll be dead by then! Guess there wasn't anything good to say about the state of the union today, was there?

      But then, I fell asleep 35 minutes into his pep talk and might have missed something that had any relevance to today...


    • All sizzle, no steak. As usual.

    • I think the reason USA is the strongest, the richest and the best nation on Earth is that the rich people manage to do everything they want. Once we close the loophole, I expect America will become no better than most other countries.

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      • Oh dude they are just using you for your army. They could give a rats behind for America. You have to think like they do. This is their world. No flag or boarders. I am anything but a socialist. I know when they say tax the rich they will tax all the productive true patriots who produce and the real real rich we want to die will just be laughing at all the stupid sheep.

        I vote for what buddy at the top said. Change the entire system. Give MONEY back to the hands of the people. But people are just to stupid to see the see the forest for the trees.

        It's very aggravating.

        If America doesn't not revolt and get in real change like Ron Paul or his ilk I am afraid all is lost. Obama, Bush, they are really nothing but puppets with hands up their behinds. America was founded on refusing to let a few elite chose their destiny and to see it all go to he11 now after all their/your pomp and ceremony just makes me sick.

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