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  • joey.blowie joey.blowie Feb 3, 2012 6:01 PM Flag

    I have owned faz and tvix...more than a monthi

    hey real, realistically, how low can tvix go? some guy said it could go to zero! is that possible?

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    • will not go to zero or reverse is based on volatility and when the market turns it will be a volitale turn....I think TVIX is pretty close to its bottom. We might see high $12.00'S or low $13.00's before the turn, but when it turns TVIX will explode. As many of the great traders on this board have said, Duyt, Kvilia, rbot, PG, Chipmunk, Carnut....This will test the 25's in the next four to six weeks!!!!

      FAZ is a different story....It is based on finacials and we could go high enough in the market before the turn to cause this to reverse split! If it does a reverse split before the turn, it will be hard to get back to your entry price.

      Think about it....over the past month FAZ has been going down 2 to 4 percent a the same time TVIX has been going down 8 - 10 percent a day. If (when) the market turns the relationship will invert and TVIX will go up 8 -10 percent a day and FAZ will gain 2 -4 percent a day. If the turn comes before the split on FAZ you should be fine.

      At this point, I really think it doesn't matter! If you have either TVIX or FAZ today, hang on because we are very close to a top or a complete reversal and selling now would be foolish!

      I'll be honest, I am in deep with TVIX, and I mean deep, but all the good traders say we will see $25's again and at that point I will make some pretty good money! If it goes past that like it did last year, I will no longer have a mortgage! The way I see it....You made the bet and need one more Jack to seal the deal....give it enough time to flip your next card and you might win big!

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      • Green. I agree with what you said, but I take great exception to being called a great trader :-) I think one has to be in touch with the herd instinct and market mentality, which I am not. I think technicals are only of value in certain stages of the market and those that recognize when to go with the herd and when to follow the indicators, etc,, are the great traders. I think 25 in the next month or two will be no problem. I have no problem with any calls being made here, except that they completely ignored one basic fact. That we have been inside some pretty healthy upwards pointing channels the past few months. But, no matter how wrong the call is, I respect a well-founded argument any day. Not however, people who defend their clearly horrible calls at all costs, while ridiculing other who turned out to have a much better grasp on what is really happening out there. That even includes some of the disgraceful perma-bullish social outcasts, who post their garbage here....

      • realestateking Feb 3, 2012 6:58 PM Flag

        Excellent reply. Thank you

      • thank you! This is really frustrating! Do you think is it a good idea to sell FAZ and then buy TVIX?

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