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  • buckmaker99 buckmaker99 Mar 5, 2001 11:30 AM Flag

    new customer - Zales?

    I believe Zales is a new FAIM customer! I listened to the recent FAIM conf call and the CEO mentioned four new customers that were top 100 Retailers. She mentioned that two were "live" and that two were being installed. On a lark, I searched the internet for FAIM's new product offerings. Specifically, on Lycos (one of FAIM's customers) I searched for "falling price". Two retailers came up - JC Penny, which is already an announced FAIM customer - and Zales. When I went to Zales website and checked out their "falling price" site (it's really cool - with great deals!), I verified that FAIM is the host by "right clicking" on some of the objects, and then selecting "properties". When you do this, it shows that the web objects are being served up from FAIM's servers, not Zales - FAIM must be hosting it!

    If anyone can figure out who the other big "live" customer is, let us know. Between Zales, JC Penny, Egghead and others, FAIM has at least 6 of the top 100 retailers so far.

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    • This just hit the wire-

      WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 12, 2001--

      SAM'S CLUB(R) to Offer Members a Variety of Merchandise Through New
      and Exciting Selling Methods

      FairMarket(sm), Inc. (Nasdaq: FAIM), a leading provider of
      e-business selling and marketing solutions incorporating dynamic
      pricing, today announced that the FairMarket platform, customized for
      SAM'S CLUB, will provide SAM'S CLUB with a new method of combining
      excitement with lower prices for its more than 41 million members.
      SAM'S CLUB, a division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is the largest
      warehouse club in the United States, operating more than 470 domestic
      clubs. Located online at, SAM'S CLUB offers
      businesses and consumers a variety of brand name merchandise at
      "members only" prices. The launch of the auction and plunging price
      site has enabled SAM'S CLUB to provide their members a new way to
      purchase a variety of merchandise. SAM'S CLUB will continuously add
      new merchandise to the auction and is planning to expand its product
      offering to include overstocks and end-of-season merchandise.
      Through FairMarket's APIs, the solution is seamlessly integrated
      with SAM'S CLUB'S inventory management system, allowing the company to
      automatically identify and transfer product from their inventory
      system to the auction or plunging price area of The
      FairMarket solution also provides SAM'S CLUB with the opportunity to
      test merchandise for selling price and popularity.
      "Dynamic pricing adds both excitement and value to the SAM'S CLUB
      shopping experience. FairMarket enables SAM'S CLUB to maximize yield
      on a variety of merchandise while maintaining ownership of the
      consumer shopping experience," said Eileen Rudden, president and CEO
      of FairMarket.

    • I was in FAIM early and got out after it started plunging to it's present level. I am also a pre-ipo investor in BIDZ. Check out the link below: out of the top ten general auctions BIDZ is now number two behind ebay. And I would bet that out of the top 500 general auctions only these two are cash flow positive. I would like to think that Bidz is an example of a B to C dot com that will see long term benefit from the meltdown. They have a tight business plan and they are sticking to it.
      What this means for FAIM I am not that sure. I would say that for FAIM to still be standing and adding bigger customers is more than a moral victory. BIDZ has been able to prosper by sharing users from MSN, Exite and all the others. As a stand alone there would have been no way of getting off the ground. FAIM doesn't make much from BIDZ right now but they are a paying customer, are adding users to the network at a fast pace and their value is increasing every day.
      I'm not sure what the ebay-faim thing will do for either. It's hard to see who will benefit in the long and short term.

    • woowieman - very well said... it's the infrastructure, integration with existing merchants backend as well as the turnkey service that FAIM provides. The API's developed by FAIM (mostly using XML) are easily integrated for everything from listing services, fulfillment reports, user data etc...

      Not at all e-Bay-like... the big merchants move slow but sure and have deeper pockets to support the provider(FAIM). eBay will provide buyers which has been sadly lacking on merchants individual sites...

    • it's not a trial, it's a done deal.....patience will bring your public announcement.....the real point here is that any major merchant who is not building it themselves are using FAIM as their choice for "dynamic commerce".....which is what the FAIM marketing wonks are calling it.....which means that these guys are not flash-in-the-panners....there are lots of major merchants with excess inventory problems that CANT just list on eBay, and they don't want a straight listing service....they need full service, private label, branded, industrial strength service which apparently only FAIM can, at less than cash, this stock is a no-brainer....of course, do your own research.....

    • Looked all over but cannot find any public announcement. If this is just a trial hope FAIM does not screw up with what is the highest profile retailer.

    • This is true about the source data on the site; however, is this a trial or the final deal?? Have you seen any press release on it yet anywhere? Thanks.

    • Buck: Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be Walmart.

    • buck: good research. will try to locate the other big live customer.