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  • n25g n25g Nov 23, 2005 9:28 AM Flag

    In my game w/ Sunny

    Just to show that it is a yeoman's task to nurse a trading position:

    I'm going to lower my sell-stop to 9.50 so as to not get swept 'out' by some stop-running on a pre-holiday market.

    I'll move it later if appropriate.


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    • Yep, that's my story. Plausible to me.

    • sorry n25g, that is the wackiest post ever. someone else on ragging bull had the same theory. so you believe that anti american forces are shorting IOTN to keep the IOTN unproven technology from reaching the battlefield?

      If that is your theory, I believe you need a very, very long vacation, because you are making sshgumby look normal!

    • I became convinced long ago that the objective of the 'short crowd' was MORE THAN simply shorting a stock.

      I have convinced myself (and, for the most part, seek to convince NO ONE else) that the forces who wage the 'war of shorts' are elements that have a bigger design than IOTN.

      The objective is FCS for starters, the present administration (Bush. Though to hold my thought is not pro or con Bush), the war effort in Iraq, and the USA itself.

      It is my opinion that they were efforting to PREVENT us from arranging the recent $18MM financing that assured the progress of the company. Notice the change in tactic since then.

      At $10 or $11 we could pull off what we did. Had we been stuck at $6, no way. This is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE.

      This (LIPC) is a CANNOT FAIL matter. It WILL go forward. Don't you know that the rest of the world (ally and foe alike) are sprinting to catch up? To let ANYTHING stop IOTN now would mean square #1 with another entity.

      Ain't gonna happen.

    • I've seen some truly bizarre and enjoyable trading opportunities over the years on the Friday after Thanksgiving, when many traders and market makers are away from their screens. Stocks doubling for no reason, etc.

    • I'm not actually 'playing it' this way; but

      I'd guess (on a normal non-pre-holiday) the top would be popped.

      There are probably some shorts buy-stops just above the highs we've reached.

      There might be some within reach--stops put in by those who would be away from their screens today.

      Just takes a little kindling to get a pretty good fire going when the conditions 'are right'.

    • "I am thoroughly enjoying getting 'inside' the skin of the corporation as opposed to the price patterns the charts describe."

      I concur with most of your speculation and anticipation of huge things to come. I still enjoy analyzing the day-to-day trading for two reasons: 1-the company has not exactly been forthcoming about the world-changing stuff (justifiably not), and 2- I continue to be surprised at both the tenacity of the short sellers and those who serve them, and the silly, unimaginative people who are selling at low levels and debating why we haven't seen, for example, the vehicle stopper presented at a trade show. I'm rather stunned that the stock is not at 12 or even higher while we await formal notice of the validation of the company's technology that has undoubtedly already occurred.

    • We just went through 12,000+ shares offered at 10.35 like a knife through the soft object of your choice.

      There was also a trade of 37,500, and another 51,300 was bid for at 10.25, which seems to have ignited this surge.

    • Skep, I can pretty safely say that I have NEVER presented ANYTHING that indicated that I HAD ALL THE ANSWERS or that MY WAY WAS **THE*** WAY and that all other 'ways' were flawed.

      Sunny says (effectively) that he married a redhead and since you married a brunette, you are dumb.

    • No worries. Sunset said he was going to take a couple of days off.

      I believe that he has a thicker skin than you speculate, and hope that he sticks around, occasional vagueness or displays of ego notwithstanding. I am biting my tongue now to avoid mentioning others' egos ;-)

    • Nice words are a rarity on these boards; so, I'm thankful--hell, why don't we all just get thankful and celebrate all day tomorrow.

      I don't know that I'm so very predictive; but, I have long maintained that the commercial applications that can come from this tech (JIN simply EXPANDS the tech) will pale the military/defense.

      The/any government contracts will be the means to capitalized the commercialization later. I truly think all this 'stuff' associated with 'where we are in this advancing process' is silliness and that we progress FAR beyond.

      There are a half-dozen or so things that 'discovery-like' conversations could be had about IOTN and I have tried to start several. No takers.

      Saint is a relatively new poster with some really good info. But, for some undetectible reason wants to present that he knows ALL (as in EVERYTHING that there is to know) about LIPC. I believe wholeheartedly that IOTN goes beyond Saint's off-the-shelf mentality.

      Furthermore, I also (as recently reiterated) that North Star has a disruptive tech. I even "called out" Saint for an off-board discussion of 'pulsed power'. He 'went away' about that time.

      Most of my investment life has been in the mode that Sunset brings here (though I have always been TOOOO respectful of these markets to be...well, disrespectful). What he brings here is DISassociative to the enterprise that stands behind the stock representing it.

      I am thoroughly enjoying getting 'inside' the skin of the corporation as opposed to the price patterns the charts describe.

      Have an enjoyable and thankful Thanksgiving.

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