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  • MadMax_2x MadMax_2x Jun 28, 2007 5:01 PM Flag

    This Technology Will Take IOTN Over $60, Period...

    This Technology Will Take IOTN Over $60, Period...
    IONATRON�s LIPC, or Laser Ionized Plasma Channel Weapon Systems Are Absolutely the Highest of High Tech, Period...

    IOTN�s LIPC Firing Frequency from 10 to over 3,000
    Hertz, or Cycles Per Second, for LIPC, as long as There Is Sufficient Power Supply Available!

    You See, IOTN's LIPC Weapon System Fires Directed Energy Packets, Or Essentially Miniature Lightening Bolts @ the Speed of LIGHT, ZERO Lag Time From Source to Target...

    Yes, IOTN's LIPC System, Operating at the Speed of Light Is Capable of Taking Out a Missile Launcher, From the Observed Flash, then the Missile Launched From It, Way before that Missile Would Have Arrived At its Intended Target, Absolutely Awesome...

    Imagine a Weapon on a Fighter Jet or any other military platform that:
    1) Executes at the Speed of Light
    2) With Pinpoint Accuracy
    3) Never requires a Return to Base to Re-Arm, with Mid air Re-fueling for the Fighter Jet

    4) Can fire @ 3,000 Directed Energy Packet Hits per SECOND
    5) Capable of totally Disrupting Communications on Virtually Everything
    a) From hand held phones
    b) To military encoded transmissions
    c) To Base Stations
    d) To Missile Launch / Guidance Communications
    6) While capable of taking out Vehicle Electronics

    7) To Entire Command Centers, be they
    A) Field
    B) Base
    C) Missile Launch
    D) Entire System Grids

    8) Needs only one or two Hits to take out:
    a) A Person, Note: can be set to Stun, or KILL that person
    b) An IED
    c) A Mine
    d) A Car Bomber
    e) A suicide Bomber
    f) An Arms Cash

    9) Offers Highly advanced Security Protection for:
    a) Military Bases
    b) Government Installations
    c) Key Infrastructure, Dams, Power Plants, Water Reservoirs
    d) Oil Refineries
    e) Missile Bases
    f) Airports
    g) etc.

    10) Capable of Being Set to Stun for Non Lethal control of Personnel
    11) Many, Many More Applications, simply can't be beat�

    Way To

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