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  • marke_60195 marke_60195 Jul 8, 2007 4:09 PM Flag

    Any Feedback?


    I am new to this board, and I was considering taking a position in IOTN. Although the balance sheet looks good, and the chart looks positive, I am concerned regarding the amount of insider sales. It doesn't appear that the insiders have been purchasing their stock lately. Is there anyone who might be able to address the issue of recent insider sales and/or the lack of insider purchases? Any feedback regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    • The chart looks positive?????

    • Tell's Just Don't Get Any Better...
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      IOTN Insiders Say DON'T SELL IOTN Shares Until October!!!

      Yes, That is ONE HELL Of a TELL, Period...

      IOTN's Officers & Howard, Its Largest Shareholder ""Filing A 10b5-1 With the SEC NOT to SELL ANY Shares Until October"" & then Not Under $5, $7.5 & $10 With a Maximum of 100 K in any Month is One HELL Of a TELL For the Astute Investor, Period...

      All Know that IOTN's Verbal Commitment for JIN~III & JIN~III PIEDM's Will Be Converted to a Formal Contract & Announced Soon, with Production Likely Beginning in September, DUH...

      Yep, IOTN Can't Say What Most Companies Could About JIN~III & JIN~III PIEDM's, Due to Security Reasons, So They Are . ""Saying Hold IOTN Stock Until the Inevitable SHORT S~Q~U~E~E~Z~E . HITS & IOTN's PPS Rockets into the $20's or HIGHER Before Selling ANY IOTN Shares...

      Way to

    • weewillie08 Jul 8, 2007 6:42 PM Flag

      By the way, he bought his crummy 2000 shares a few days before a mild runup of about .20 cents per share. Everything these few guys running this company do seems to smell from something.

    • weewillie08 Jul 8, 2007 6:36 PM Flag

      "Although the balance sheet looks good, and the chart looks positive,"

      Really????? Care to elaborate?

    • We just had an insider buy reported. Look for more to come as the stock seems to have hit its bottom now and is headed up from here.
      Date Insider Shares Type Transaction Value*
      29-Jun-07 HARLAN JAMES
      Director 2,000 Direct Purchase at $3.95 per share. $7,900

    • why would they want to buy- they are already loaded bud.

      As far as their selling, I dont worry about that-they have to eat while they work the products, just like anyother time insiders sell. Doesnt worry me a bit.

      But what worries me is moronic posters like you. See you short shit.

      • 1 Reply to burpsandfartsaregood
      • Obviously your response demonstrates your lack of intelligence, as well as your lack of maturity. As I had previously stated, I have no position in IOTN at this time. However, I merely mentioned that I had noticed that insiders have appeared to have sold over 4 million shares in the last 6 months (which is equal to approximately 17%). If your only response to this amount of selling is that the insiders 'have to eat' in order to explain the reasoning as to why insiders are selling their shares for approximately $4/share, then that gives me cause for concern. What concerns me even more, however, is that people like you are allowed to post on financial message boards.

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