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  • seeyalater654 seeyalater654 May 13, 2004 10:18 AM Flag

    Losing Market Share

    No question that Taxus "honeymoon" phase is fading. Restenosis already showing up. Continued balloon deflation and sticking problems. Marketshare is eroding constantly week by week. By end of second quarter probably will be well under 50% market share. Buyer beware. They are not going to even come close to hitting lofty wall street expectations.

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    • "I looked briefly at J&J's Form 10-Q. I did not see where they broke out Europe or Intercontinental. Anyone know where those numbers are?"

      JNJ's deal paying GDT a royalty to sell their DES tells you everything you ever wanted to know about their DES sales. HELP Mr Dollens Taxus is eating our lunch!

    • Not exacly true, even JnJ had to admit less the half the market share in Europe in one of their last filings.

    • Are you really 56? What 56 year old talks like that? And puts "suck" in all caps, as if we might overlook it in the sentence.

    • Biz you are right, we haven't been able to compare market share bc JNJ did not release their April sales figures for the US like BSX did.

      JNJ has nothing to gain and everything to lose by supply numbers if bsx is capturing the market. Why would they want everyone to know how badly they are being beaten? Their silence speaks volumns. If the race gets close then perhaps JNJ will let us know.

    • The following article is available on the web.

      The researchers followed 155 consecutive patients treated with multiple sirolimus-eluting stents between April 2002 and March 2003. Each patient had at least two lesions blocking blood flow in different coronary arteries. Earlier studies have demonstrated that patients with a single, simple artery narrowing held open with a sirolimus-eluting stent are less likely to need retreatment than similar patients who received a bare metal stent. However, those studies excluded patients with complex or multiple artery lesions.

      "The lesions were a variety of complex bifurcations, total occlusions, very long lesions, which were not included in any other study. Also, each patient was treated on all critical lesions; so we have patients who underwent four, five, six, even seven stent implantations in different blood vessels. So this population is comparable to any group of patients who usually undergo coronary bypass graft surgery. It's a good benchmark against which you can compare with surgical results," Colombo said.
      Colombo said about 7-8% of the treated lesions required later treatment for a renarrowing (restenosis) of an artery, which is in line with earlier studies. However, since each patient had multiple blockages, about 16% required retreatment. He said more work needs to be done to reduce the rate of retreatment.
      The link below is the entire article.

      It is the only article I have found and it appears Dr. Colombo only evaluated JNJ�s stent�.nothing mentioned about Taxus.

    • If the numbers come from Boston you are not going to believe them anyway. What did J&J say their first qtr Drug Coated sales were in Europe? I am sure Boston posted theirs and you could use an average cost I suppose when comparing to J&J.

      This is from the Form 10-Q submitted to SEC.
      "The increase was primarily due to $118 million in sales of the TAXUS stent system in the Company's Europe and Inter-Continental markets for the first quarter of 2004 as compared to $7 million for the first quarter of 2003."

      I looked briefly at J&J's Form 10-Q. I did not see where they broke out Europe or Intercontinental. Anyone know where those numbers are?

    • Don't worry it is all in Lugs little mind. He has nothing real. He never can cite any real data. Like his short position it never happened. The good doctor never said any thing like Lug said. If you look at the posts that Lug has made none of them came true. In fact he is a contrarian indicator! It is all in his head. Get professional help before it is too late!

    • We haven't even seen numbers proving that BSX has the market share they claim to have.
      I don't know about leegues data, but have not seen proof to substantiate any claim.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I'll plan to sell just before the sucky late follow up news comes out in 6-9 mo. Btw, how do YOU know what BSX results are at two years?

      It just seems like you keep swallowing the spin JNJ hands out. Like a Dr would really mean and say I give the poor a grossly inferior product. Come on, get real. Sounds like a pep talk spiel at a JNJ sales meeting to me. Keep the troops motivated, tell them there is some relief on the horizon, a weakness has been found in Taxus.

      What happened to the injunction and the recall? Was that another JNJ troops motivating sure thing? Aren't you starting to question your own point of view when nothing you (JNJ?) predicts comes to pass?

      peace out

    • Now, Now League. Calm down. Everything is OK. Just because you lost your job or whatever you are still alive. You should be thankful and not so nasty.

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