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  • jpsnookums jpsnookums Aug 9, 2004 9:59 AM Flag

    WSJ article

    Can someone please post today's WSJ article. Thanks.

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    • I do love a good turn of the phrase. *G*

    • That is right. Remember the gianturco roubin 2 stent. Whata a wonder it was; until doctors realized what a total piece of crap it was with bad results. Gr2 had 90% market share (for about 3-4 months). Then reality struck; doctors figured out it was bad and switched to the better products. Same thing is happening here. As soon as jnj ramps up production taxus will be lucky to have 20% market share (if not fully recalled with 0% share !!!). Accounts are now begging cordis to switch away from taxus. Sticking issue is real; dangerous and now widely appreciated by docs who were initially told it was their "fault" and "bad operator technique." docs are pissed and are switching to cypher, and fast !

    • Rhino, mainly I'm amazed at the lies and disinformation people will post in order to make a buck.

      I believe in the old saw, "All it takes for evil to exist in the world is for good people to do nothing." So I've decided to be Boxer Woman and bang a few heads. (Is there a pun there somewhere?)

    • Boston Scientific is currently rated B (attractive). Power rating (68) is high; appreciation potential (62) is high. Relative to the S&P 500 Composite, Boston Scientific Corporatio has significant Growth characteristics; appeal is likely to be to Capital Gain-oriented investors; perception is that BSX is lower risk. Current annual total return performance of 20.9% is above median. Current 5-year total return performance of 13.6% is upper quartile. Over the full time period, Boston Scientific's stock price performance has been variable and exceptional. Boston Scientific's current technical position is mixed. The outlook for Boston Scientific is slightly positive. The recent trend in BSX's earnings estimates has been favorable. Boston Scientific's Surgical, Medical Instruments, Apparatus comparison group is in a slightly weakened position currently. Return on equity forecast is 31.3% -- in line with recent performance. Dramatic erratic decline between 1995 and 2003. Significantly above the 2002 low of 18%. Boston Scientific's operating performance has improved significantly since 2001. Over the full period, pretax return on assets has declined reflecting asset turnover that has declined significantly and pretax margin that has improved. Growth forecast is 9.0% -- in line with recent performance. Dramatic steady decline between 1995 and 2003. Significantly below the 1995 peak of 50%. Boston Scientific's historical income statement growth and balance sheet growth have diverged. Revenue growth has fallen short of asset growth; earnings growth has exceeded equity growth. Boston Scientific's current Price Target is $51 (+52% from the 08/06/04 price of $33.21). This dramatic rise in the Target is the result of a +118% increase in the equity base and a -31% decrease in the price/equity multiple.

    • The deflation issue came up fast.

      Now the bashers are trying to 'pile on' the stickiness issue. In the end the docs will decide how important the issue of stickiness is.

      I trust the Docs.

    • Wouldn't those numbers make a great quarter?! Over half a billion in Taxus revenue alone.

      JNJ is trying to get to ramp up by mid Sept, (I also heard mid Oct). Gee, the quarter will almost be over by then......

      With jnj, if they didn't have bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back with a response that someone asked me about earlier. I do have other things than to sit aroung on a message board all day. The death at St. Dominics is believed to be related to stickyness of the balloon on the stent. The 60 deaths related to the cypher stent are all related to thrombis. The thrombis rate for bare metal stents is around 1.5% and cypher has a thrombis rate around.2% much lower than a bare metal stent. You must remember how many cypher stents were placed. The deaths may not have a thing to do with Cypher, lack of Plavix, smoker, diabetic etc. The responsibility of the hospital to turn all reports in no matter what the cause. Cypher was not the reason behind 60 deaths, only associated by the product being used not a product that has failed. Words can make the average person misunderstand the real facts. Boston has a real problem and I personally feel a total recall is right around the corner. Nothing personal to see them fail just simple facts which I know. Long term safety for all patients is a must and I believe JNJ and Cypher will win this war in the long run. Boston's president should be ashamed of the misleading that he has placed before the general public. LIES, LIES, LIES, that will cost him in the long run. Employees of Boston will lose there jobs and really hurt some good employees. If I was a clinical rep for Boston right now I would be on the streets moving on in a new direction, because they are about to get the heave ho.

    • yeah~
      it was down a little AH now it is up a little because of the 10q.....but the downtrend will continue tomorrow. Bleed on!

    • Cypher has more deaths than Taxus as per Maude site.

      Cordis has received three FDA warning letters because they do not follow FDA guidelines.

      With more deaths and the FDA on their tail I'll take a Taxus stent.
      The game is baiting bashers, pay attenttion.

    • Joker, it is reportedly because a different delivery system is used in Europe, where stickyness is still a problem but less so. Remember, Taxus didn't have 70% market share in the US for very long (launched at high market share), I'd say the stickness issue came up pretty fast.

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