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  • jokerswild41s jokerswild41s Sep 24, 2004 11:19 AM Flag

    anpi and cook

    Cook is going to sell their cardiac division and their contract with Cook along with it. I don't like the sounds of that. comments?

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    • Over 40 Thursday???

      or over 42?

    • "It is safe, it is effective, and their sales force is kicking JNJ's ass!"

      And let me add that JNJ sales rep's should stick to selling band aids cause they can't compete in DES!

    • I did not want to reply to your same old sh%t that Cordis says about Taxus until after today, so spin this data my friend.

      "The TAXUS II two-year follow-up included the largest prospective angiographic and IVUS two-year sub-study population (210 patients) in interventional cardiology. Angiographic data demonstrated stable late loss out to two years with sustained statistical benefit over the control group. The benefit in percent net volume obstruction as the primary endpoint at six months was also maintained out to two years, as demonstrated by the IVUS sub- study data."

      The LARGEST EVER f/u in cardiology with both angio and IVUS!!

      From Columbo on Taxus II:

      "This data indicates that TAXUS stents may prevent -- rather than merely delay -- in-stent restenosis. The large patient cohorts and long-term angiographic and IVUS data provide an especially rich source of information on the excellent performance of the TAXUS system."

      On Taxus IV:
      "The results support safety and efficacy, as demonstrated by low rates of target lesion revascularization (retreatment rate, or TLR) that were maintained at two years. The TAXUS group reported a 5.6 percent (36/645) TLR rate compared with 17.5 percent (112/640) in the control group. The follow-up rate at two years was outstanding with 97 percent of patients returning. The rate of patients living free of TLR events was 94.4 percent at two years for the TAXUS group, as compared to 82.6 percent for the control group."

      How about that % f/u!!!!

      More on Taxus IV:
      "The TAXUS IV results at two years are exceptional and support the long- lasting safety and efficacy of paclitaxel-eluting stent technology," said Gregg W. Stone, M.D., the study's Principal Investigator and Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center in New York. "These outcomes establish the durability of the TAXUS stent in a broad range of complex patients and blockages, representing a true medical advance. At two-year follow-up, the incremental benefits of having received the TAXUS stent system rather than a bare-metal stent continue to increase with no evidence of late catch-up apparent."

      Thsi destroys all arguments that JNJ tried to spin on the Taxus IV data a year ago!

      It is safe, it is effective, and their sales force is kicking JNJ's ass!

    • micush Sep 27, 2004 9:57 PM Flag


    • micush Sep 27, 2004 9:55 PM Flag

      My friend thank you very much!!!!
      i hardly speak my own language now with english
      it is a new journey!!
      anyways... Remember buy or hold will come thru for us...
      best regards..

    • I believe FUD is an acronym for
      Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
      It is an old marketing idea that if you
      can't win in a clean race, throw up enough
      FUD so that everyone is paralyzed.

    • Three letter acronyms have always left me cold. in a proper message the 3 letter acronym is defined once so that the reader has some idea of the meaning. I believe it is a negative from the context but it is not clear.

      One thing that seems to be lost is that the DES stents were accepted on the grounds that they were an improvement on bare metal stents. It is likely that BSX bare metal stent is superior to the bare metal JNJ stent and that is one of the reasons for the difference in performance.

    • micush Sep 26, 2004 9:31 PM Flag

      LIVE BETTER BUY BSX!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Five stars for best weekend post!LOL Loved it, short and to the point. * * * * *

    • Right -- BSX no good FUD FUD blah blah blah

      Taxus doesn't work FUD FUD blah blah blah

      BSX headed for bankruptcy FUD FUD blah blah blah

      Bunch of cheating liars FUD FUD blah blah blah

      The market, users, and all the analysts, just can't see the truth FUD FUD blah blah blah

      Soooo, who you gonna believe, powerplay, or your lying eyes....

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