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  • timber_look_out_below timber_look_out_below Aug 11, 2005 8:48 PM Flag


    This is a patient killer. Their products are hazardous hopefully the fda shuts them down.
    insiders are running for the doors, they must know the bad news is coming soon.

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    • BSX will lose more money, recalls are not cheap and those pretty new offices for Tobin are costly as well as all the gifts to friends.

      The FDA obviously knows there are serious problems and the death toll can not be allowed to grow at this rate. Their hands have been forced to act. There is no way they can continue to turn a blind eye to the apparant neglegence of this companies safety procedures, and just watch so many innocent victems lives be taken for the sake of saving a few dollars.
      Hospital's Suspension of Boston
      Scientific Stent Gets FDA Review

      Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
      November 14, 2005

      The Food and Drug Administration says it is evaluating a situation in which a leading center for implanting cardiac stents suspended use of a Boston Scientific Corp. device after patients suffered arterial injuries.

      The incident led to a dispute in which a Beaumont doctor emailed the FDA, questioning the stent's safety and said the company mischaracterized the matter's resolution.

      Julie Zawisza, an FDA spokeswoman, said the agency was "in the middle of evaluating the situation in Michigan and looking at some of the questions that were raised as a result of that."

      Boston Scientific told the agency the issue at the hospital was solved. "This is not anywhere close to truth or reality," Dr. Goldstein wrote. "We are very concerned that the withdrawal problems with the Taxus have not been solved."
      Responding to Dr. Goldstein's email, Ms. Lochner wrote: "I can assure you that FDA does not consider this situation to be a 'closed' matter."

      According to an analysis commissioned by Boston Scientific, the FDA received reports of Taxus withdrawal difficulties in 1,485 patients

    • Much more crashing coming. You only see the tip of the ice burg. Wheres smoke theres fire.
      more bad news coming. Insiders sell for reasons

    • I have a feeling they are going to get fined and with all the lawsuits and growing debt this may implode soon, all these recalls can't be cheap, and its amazing how much money the insiders are wasteing, this is looking very troublesome

      it will keep going down, as they lose more and more money in lawsuits and litigation and the costs of recalls, not to mention failed investments, Its a shame to lose so much money

      So do you think the insiders might be stealing money or there is some kind of news of a scandal? I personally think this company has some really bad bad problems that are just barely starting to slip out imho

    • insiders are selling so much of their stock because they know BSX will lose the new lawsuits about to come out. Also the FDA will close the door on the Taxus patient injury stent thusly ending BSX main source of revenue.

    • Hehe these pump and dumpers are still trying to pump this even after they announced they will have bad earnings quarter after quarter sales slowing insiders selling . Stents killing patients. New lawsuits every day. Shipping department shipping death machines. Medinol about to win MORE than $4 BILLION from BSX leaving them with nothing. If BSX can't hold support at $21 this could hit the teens this week.

    • Unfortunately I am going to have to sell when it falls below $24 on monday I can't afford any more losses here although I feel bad for anyone who lost money on this stock investors should vote the insiders out they are ruining this company.

    • I couldnt even see that though I admit to having had a couple of microbrews previous to viewing the chart. The heavy selling on Friday was overdone and must be a hedge on an unfavorable ruling on the Medinol case.

    • Dear Stinkystink anyone who would call themselves what you call yourself gives one pause. You obviously have little knowlege of medical procedures and the fact that both Cypher and TAXUS represent a major advance in coronary care. Both devices have advantages and disadvantages both are superior to bare metal stents which were the previous standard of care. Patients needing such care are very sick and many would die without medical intervention. Some will die from malpractice not associated with the device. Some will die from opportunistic infections. The fact is some patients will die but fewer will die from either DES stent than a bare metal stent and have a lowered level of complication at least in the year to 18 month period after implantation. Longer term data is not available yet.

    • All I see is the Madonna picking her nose.
      (You have to squint a little though.)

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