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  • steelwheeld2 steelwheeld2 Aug 24, 2005 12:35 PM Flag

    This pos isn't worth $8.New lawsuits

    You are ignorant of the company. It is highly profitable and will remain so even without TAXUS. Tell us about the companies that BSX wasted its money on. Bet you don't know of any.
    The debt is actually contracting and the credit ratings are up. The future of medicine is less invasive medical care. (cheaper, better in many cases) BSX makes devices that are less invasive. With the graying of the population there will be a greater demand for these types of products in the future.

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    • You are the ignorant one Debt is over $2.4 billion. Thats BILLIONS in debt, this is not including the costs to fix the FDA problems, recalls, or recent lawsuis and litigaion.
      $25 million attributable to our acquisition of Advanced Bionics. The remainder of the growth in our research and development spending reflects investments to enhance our clinical and regulatory infrastructure and provide additional funding for research and development on next-generation and novel technology offerings across multiple programs and divisions. our research and development expenses increased by $109 million, or 32 percent, , research and development expenses increased The increase related primarily to an increased investment of $55 million in our drug-eluting stent franchise.
      Advance bionics was a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY, $25 MILLION DOWN THE TOILET. Thats just the start, all that money invested in stents and the FDA is about to remove them from the market.

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      • Income is over 1.5 billion a year. If debt was so crushing as you have said credit ratings would be going down not up as they have done in the last couple of weeks. One FDA problem is fixed. The most recent appears to be not involving manufacturing so may not be very expensive. The litigations I am aware of are not recent but of long standing. Some of these investments will go bad Advance Bionics may be one but it will take a while to see. I doubt that the stent will be removed from the market. What would be the reason for the removal.?? And why hasn't JNJ stent removed for contamination problems that have been documented for the last couple of years?

        You say our so you must be on the inside. Care to say what division you are in.

      • Well said. The chart says we will hit new lows soon. Up on no volume is very bad.

      • Yes wasting millions and millions and they still can't seem to get out a product that doesn't have to be recalled for making patients sick or killing someone, and lets not forget Biophan that continues to lose money and just lost another 3.4 million with no revenues. BSX is going to have to pay millions more to clean up their mess with the FDA and after the lawsuits I don't think there will be enough left to start a pipeline.

    • And there is nobody else doing the less invasive thing...Have you heard of GDT, SYK, MDT,JNJ,ZMR?? The company without Taxus was a $11 stock before it went up and split. Don't kid yourself wallstreet sees this as a one trick Pony. If Taxus goes south so will BSX.

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