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    • I agree politicaldebate joins a select group of gibbering idiots,paid hacks and complete fools. Go sit in the corner with your dunce hat with crispy, surelyshort4X4 and the others even less interesting.

    • policitcaldebate

      Sad, sad, sad. I always thought you were for real -- not big on BSX, but at least willing to discuss facts.

      Now you post "All they do is lose money" and reference the third quarter loss that was entirely a result of the settlment with Medinol?

      Did you carefully redact the parts that said "the loss was attriubtable to a one-time payment to Medinol".

      But for the settlment, they had profits in the high 9 figures.....

      Using your "logic" when we see 4th quarter profit should exceed 3rd quarter profit by nearly 800 million, we should say "all they do is make more and more money."

      For your selective and slanted posting of negative information, you have just earned an IGNORE. Say hi to boulder, downtheroad, stupidsalley, etc.

    • They do nothing but lose money.
      Boston Scientific Reports $269M Loss in 3Q
      Friday October 14, 5:17 pm ET
      By Mark Jewell, AP Business Writer
      Boston Scientific Reports $269 Million 3Q Loss , Dip in Coronary Stent Sales

      BOSTON (AP) -- Boston Scientific Corp. on Friday acknowledged it has lost ground to medical device rivals in the lucrative market for drug-coated heart stents, reporting a $269 million third-quarter loss and slowing sales of a stent.

      The performance, fell short of Boston Scientific's projection and Wall Street's expectations.

      "We still think that management might be too optimistic and that earnings estimates still need to be lowered."

      Morgan Stanley said the challenge for Boston Scientific in the coming quarters will be holding off market share losses as Johnson & Johnson (nyse: JNJ - news - people )expands capacity and Medtronic (nyse: MDT - news - people ) introduces Endeavor in Europe.

      "As we look to future, we still see some downside relative to stent market share, market size and estimated margins. We should also point out that there is little in place (with respect to the pipeline)

    • Maybe hes just being honest and warning new potential suckers not to buy this dung heap.
      I am thoroughly disgusted with this companys neglegence.
      The investors aren't the only ones getting killed. This pos has a new recall every other day. The FDA needs to pull the plug.
      Now they have defective cathetors. I can't believe the FDA hasn't shut the doors on this death factory yet. All they seem to do is put out products that injure and kill people and then recall them. The FDA inspections have already proven they have faulty provisions in place for quality control. How high is the death toll going to be allowed to go. Hopefully when they lose the 6 class action lawsuits the FDA will impose fines at least.

      BSX products killing people again..
      Hospital's Suspension of Boston
      Scientific Stent Gets FDA Review

      Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
      November 14, 2005

      The Food and Drug Administration says it is evaluating a situation in which a leading center for implanting cardiac stents suspended use of a Boston Scientific Corp. device after patients suffered arterial injuries.

      The incident led to a dispute in which a Beaumont doctor emailed the FDA, questioning the stent's safety and said the company mischaracterized the matter's resolution.

      Julie Zawisza, an FDA spokeswoman, said the agency was "in the middle of evaluating the situation in Michigan and looking at some of the questions that were raised as a result of that."

      Boston Scientific told the agency the issue at the hospital was solved. "This is not anywhere close to truth or reality," Dr. Goldstein wrote. "We are very concerned that the withdrawal problems with the Taxus have not been solved."
      Responding to Dr. Goldstein's email, Ms. Lochner wrote: "I can assure you that FDA does not consider this situation to be a 'closed' matter."

      According to an analysis commissioned by Boston Scientific, the FDA received reports of Taxus withdrawal difficulties in 1,485 patients

    • Fresh young money. You tell lies, lies, lies. BSX is a cash cow, strong product lines, 55,000 products in many fields. Market leader in DES, with great margins. Strong balance sheet. Great sales people. Good pipeline. And with GDT it will be only stronger in the long term. Why do you bother posting on this board. Did you get fired from BSX, or is the BSX rep kicking your ass. Or do you work for one of those dumb law firms. Come on, own up. Who are you? What is your motive. It won't hurt to tell. Come on please. I'll send you some cookies if you do.

    • I think the FDA will impose fines if not the forced removal of Taxus soon. BSX is a total disaster with 6 class action lawsuits, insider selling, losing market share, earnings losses, missed estimates, failed market strategy, defective product recalls, patient deaths, Department of Justice investigatins, FDA investigations, massived debt. Share dilutions, etc you would have to be into S&M to want to own this one. Could see a bankruptcy in 2006.

    • Wrong again, dufus. What's that smell? Better get back to your bedpans!

    • Shirlylong , You are a whore. Lies,lies,lies. Why do you bother.

    • How many more people will be allowed to die as they have recall after recall? I used to be a shareholder until I realized they are killing thousands of innocent people. The FDA really needs to take action before the class action lawsuits, and I will be joining the lawsuits to try to get some of my money back, but the deaths are amazing that they keep going on. And now theres another recall.
      Boston Scientific Recalls Medical Devices
      Friday December 2, 8:21 pm ET
      Boston Scientific Recalls 18,000 Vena Cava Filters on Reports of Malfunction

      NATICK, Mass. -- Boston Scientific Corp. said it is = recalling another 18,000 Vena Cava Filters after receiving reports of detachment of part of the device during the implant procedure.
      In a press release Friday, the medical device maker said if the filter's carrier capsule should detach during an implantation procedure, there is a risk of cardiac and pulmonary embolization, with potential adverse events including serious patient injury or death.

      A vena cava filter is a small cone-shaped device that is implanted in the inferior vena cava, the large vein that carries blood from the lower part of the body to the heart. The filter prevents pulmonary embolism by capturing blood clots before they can be carried to the lungs.

      The company received many complaints, several of which were reported as involving serious patient injury requiring intervention and at least one was reported as a death.

      Boston Scientific's recall involves Stainless Steel Greenfield Vena Cava Filters with 12Fr Femoral Introducer Systems manufactured before March 10, 2004. All unused devices with a "use before date" prior to March 2007 should be returned to the company.

      Specifically, Boston Scientific received reports of detachment at the bond between the carrier capsule and the outer sheath of the filter's delivery system during the implant procedure.

      Hopefully when they lose the 6 class action lawsuits the FDA will impose fines at least. This company seems to not care about human life at all they have been warned numerous times and yet they continue to put out products that are killing people. FDA really needs to shut the doors on this Hopefully when they lose the 6 class action lawsuits the FDA will impose fines at least. This company seems to not care about human life at all they have been warned numerous times and yet they continue to put out products that are killing people. FDA really needs to shut the doors on this mess.

    • Lets face it this company is the perfect storm of disaster, they are flopping around like a dying fish out of water, they have to buy Guidant because otherwise the competition will eat them alive, but by overpaying they assure the stocks death with the huge share dilution screwing the bagholders and the over $12 million in debt. They have recall after recall, insiders are selling at the lows because they know this is going to end badly, they probably will just close the stock file for Bankruptcy and reopen the stock under a new ticker, leaving bagholders with nothing. Theres just too much losses, debt, defective outdated products, poor image, etc..

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