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  • richeydouglas Jul 23, 2010 8:37 PM Flag

    I am disapointed.

    another note: would you not agree if the information was known prior to earnings that it would have impacted the stock price negatively?. If so in your opinion would the insiders have been able to sell those "planned" shares at the price that they sold them at?. I can go along with a "planed" sell for insiders as long as all pertinent information was released prior to that "planed" sell.

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    • I don't think it would have made much of a difference when it was reported given the minor nature of the release. Some here are trying to make a bigger deal of it then it is. There is no financial impact, and any problem is extremely remote. BSX will move higher when more confirmation of a turnaround is evident. I think that will come as quarters progress.

      When the press release was filed would have no impact on the insiders selling patterns. Nicholas and Abele pledged their BSX shares as collateral in connection with another investment that went south. The pledge triggers planned selling in order to meet the margin requirements. They can't be happy about selling at these levels, but the agreement calls for the selling in order to cover their obligations. Just because Nicholas and Abele made a poor decision by using their BSX shares as collateral, does not mean that I should also make a bad decision and just watch the stock at 15 year lows and not buy it? I am not looking to ride this back to $40. In my opinion that will never happen. $20 won't either. But $12 will. BSX is trading at 1x sales. It's peers are trading at over twice that. This is only part of my theory for a double. The stock is low, it's trading at half the valuation of it's peers on a price to sales basis, alot of the bad news (one time non-recurring fines and non-cash writedowns) is behind them, and a turnaround is underway. Make your own decision, I have made mine. Best of luck.....

    • the insider selling question has been asked and answered countless times. It is widely publicized that the founders are being forced to sell their shares because they had put their shares up as collateral for other business dealings and with the low price of the stock, they are getting called to raise cash.

      Do some DD before spewing crap.

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