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  • toni19601 toni19601 Mar 3, 2011 1:25 PM Flag

    anychance of this being bought out?

    absolutely new to BSX ,,,my buddy says he thinks it ll be bought out,,,he's a lucky f**ker so thought i d just check in. thx and good luck to all

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    • Please provide objective evidence, and links, to back up your assertions. So JNJ is going out of business? Is that what Elliott told you as you were shining his shoes this morning? No more vision care, so people don't need contact lenses anymore? No more Ethicon and Ethicon Endosurgery, where are the facts to back up your assertions? No more diabetes care, you realize BSX doesn't even have a diabetes business. And what about DePuy, you realize BSX doesn't have an orthopedics or spinal surgery business.

      And if BSX overtakes JNJ as you are saying, do you think BSX will buy JNJ?

      And why are you wasting company time and network resources during work hours by trolling this message board? Don't you have anything else better to do, like "delivering what's next"?

    • There are only two companies that would be able to try and buy BSX - J&J or Abbot. Neither one is interested. Not only that but the FTC would never allow either one to buy BSX without chopping it to pieces. Regardless how lucky your friend is and how many assinine posts you read from some of the former employees out there there is no way BSX is going to be sold. Give this company a few years and it will repay you threefold. This will become the largest medical device company in the world and if you want to play long then this is a good company to hang on to. It will not, I repeat will not, return anything in the short term. I am inside and I assure you - this company is no where near being sold. Good luck!

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      • There are a handful of companies that are likely interested in BSC and all are capable of doing it: Tyco, GE, Stryker, Abbott, or a couple of large investment groups that I won't name. There could also be interest from a drug company; Pfizer or others? The drug companys are under a huge amount of pressure to increase cash flow as their products come off patent. BSC would bring a new set of products for a drug company, but there are some similiarities. That being said, I've been thinking buyout for 3 years now ($18 Target).....BSC is one of only a few companies that are pursuing the next big thing, J&J and Medtronic seem to be somewhat stagnant. BSC's track record of buying small companies with new technologies has been absolutely pathetic (a dart board could have done better, no doubt), but it sounds like they have some potential with recent investments. So, they are capable of standing on their own

      • So now you think BSX will become the largest medical device company in the world? Why? How will they ever catch up to JNJ, who is currently the world's largest medical devices manufacturer? JNJ is generating nearly $25 billion in yearly revenue from their Medical devices segment. How will BSX go from $7.8 billion in revenue to surpass $25 billion? I'm really interested in learning the details and specifics of how you mr landsloth think this is going to happen.

      • Ignoring MEDTRONIC would be a mistake.

    • Only waiter accept TIPS!

      Sit down and make a list of companies which can afford to buy them...then add FTC into the equation...there is no company which makes the list unless you break this company.

    • im under the same impression, especially with what J&J recently did with their competing division. have some august options with 7.00 strike price with most of my money, with a couple march 9.00 options that are basically a lotto ticket.

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