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  • jmeilink6000 jmeilink6000 Apr 26, 2011 10:04 AM Flag

    If it does not hold 7.33 I am shorting again.

    Will cover at $7

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    • Wasn't talking about you, I was talking about jmeilink6000

    • I am not saying that I am good at predicting I am saying. This was predictable. Look at the history of upgrades and downgrades Read my post from 27 April put it together for yourself. I am not whining. I am long as in very long. years and years long.

      Oh and thanks for the kind words in capitals. Good luck to you

    • I tried to get you guys to look at the upgrades and downgrades list for major analysts on the 27 of April. We were overdue then for some recommendations coming out about BSX.

      I even leaned strongly towards the next analysts opinion being an upgrade. now we have had 2 in the past few weeks.

      analysts upgrades and downgrades probably drive a stock price more then anything but actual earnings announcements themselves. And they are pretty regular a somewhat predictable.

    • No guys, I'm not psychic. maybe psychotic.

      I know if I take a profit, the stock will run up afterward. just the market gods kicking me in the can. If I hold out for more, the stock will take a dive.

      meanwhile, someone holding a short position has a knot in his stomach. he should have covered @7.19 it appears.

      a 20 cent daily range can be worked with, and Monday I will think about it.

      good luck all.

    • 2 cent T.S. here @ 7.30
      if history repeats, it drops and sells me out, then runs up to 7.44

      at least I will get to laugh at some short.

    • decision time @ .18
      macd says double down
      S1 broken @ 7.21 says sell
      B/A size says buy

      john says short!

      buying another 1k here..

      if 7.16 breaks(S2), I am out.

    • Jmeilink

      I am titling this message to you but the reality is I know better then to think I will ever change your mind so this is basicly for the other readers of this board.

      I can read charts. I prefer to listen to news flow and look at trends.

      First on the news flow side. HRS (Heart Rhythm Society) annual convention is in a week or so. This is the largest annual meeting for Doctors and associated professionals that work in the implantable medical device arena. Always a lot of news flow during this meeting from all medical device companies. I am willing to bet that this range that the stock is in ($7.00 to 7.50) will be broken shortly after or maybe even during that meeting.

      Next another point that I would like to bring up is a fact that anyone can verify easily but few maybe aware of. If you go to Analysts opinions click on that and then go a little more then halfway down the page and click on "more upgrades and downgrades for BSX", if you do this look at the regularity of major analysts doing upgrades and downgrades over the past 12 to 13 years. Remember our last major analyst opinion was an upgrade by Collins Stewart in Nov 2010. You will notice that for this stock to go 4 to 5 months without an upgrade or a downgrade is there, but uncommon. For this stock to go to the end of summer without an upgrade or a downgrade is very very unlikely. In fact that hasn't happened in the past 12 years maybe longer (only 12 years worth of data there)

      SO to think that this stock will be range bound till the end of summer I think is unrealistic. and I am basing that on historical patterns and facts.

      The only thing that is more likely then an analyst's upgrade or downgrade to break a stock out of a range is the actual quarterly earnings reports themselves. The past 3 quarters have been very very positive. What do you think the next major analyst's opinion is going to be? ......... Up or down????????

      P.S. Karma is a bit<h

      Thanks for calling me a fool for being long, You'll get what is coming to you.

    • Don't Double Down. Flash Crash Time.

    • jmeilink600. You are an idiot. The BSX conference call last week was very positive. They have reduced debt, and acquired four companies at the same time. Lots of products in the pipeline and they continue to reduce debt. This stock will be 12 next year.

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