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  • ucf_dad ucf_dad Sep 19, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    buying time

    in for 1k @ 6.32

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    • Bump bump

    • I think you can't really go wrong anywhere in the $5 range

    • feeding my addiction and buying my third 1k again here @ 5.67

      another long month I suspect.

    • yep, spooky. I have one China stock that is thinking about green(gure) but otherwise, all red here except vxx.

      I figure God is playing a joke on us with bsx. "See, the markets can't crash. bsx is up today."

    • Of all the stocks I own BSX is the only one up today. I wonder why too.

    • dang, that took forever. getting out of 1k @ 5.95

      holding 2k and wondering why this has strength on a down day.

      back to the mark of the beast within a week?

    • sure you can have it! sounds like a shovel-ready job to me. It replaced the old rotating turret bridge that carried traffic since 1928 or something, all the way through mercury, gemini, apollo, skylab, and shuttle programs.

      bring your trucks and shovels and take our bridge! should have some pix of this beautiful boondoggle.

    • Makes since

      You guys get a mile long bridge with little to no purpose and here we have a million to a million and a half population surrounding the Ohio river in and around the city of Louisville and we now have 2 bridges total in like a 70 mile span of the Ohio River to carry all the traffic from 3 interstate plus local traffic.

      As long as I have lived here (11 years now) they have had the Ohio river bridges project under planning. A loop around the city goes to the Ohio river and dead ends then picks up on the other side of the ohio in Indiana and loops around that area. This highway I am speaking of was completed (minus the bridge) in 1969. The long term plan was always to complete the loop. Now one of our 3 bridges is shut down the other bridge to complete the loop is on a now accelerated path to completion. The accelarated path is construction starts in 2013. WWHAT!!


      The bridge being shut down has only added 30 minutes to the drive from Louisville to New Albany IN. Which used to be 5 minute drive.

      This area should have 5 bridges for the amount of population and traffic and we have 2 functional bridges

      Our government at work.

      Good luck to ya

    • actually, I was referring to our new mile-long high span bridge over the Indian River. It was completed early this year, right between the February and August lay-offs at NASA. 50 years after it would have carried traffic to the Cape, we wondered about its purpose.

      Since NASA is finished with us, and local governments have been married to NASA for so long they have no clue about attracting private business, we assume its purpose is to provide a convenient jump-off point for those of us who are now stuck here. For that I am grateful, for the old bridge was only 10 feet above the water, and the best one could hope for would have been getting stuck in the mud and drowning.

    • UCF dad and profitaker

      You guys must be talking about the Sherman Minton bridge that crosses the Ohio river near Louisville.

      It supposedly is the #1 need for the Fed DOT. It is a bridge that just might crumple under your feet and fall into the Ohio River. They shut it down over a month ago for a crack in a weld in a major support structure. Just now decided to repair at a cost of 20 million bucks. 5 million from fed and the rest from indiana and Kentucky state governments. This is a bridge that is part of out interstate system.

      We can not figure out how to get our unemployment numbers down yet out infrastructure is literally falling apart around us. WOW Really

      Our glorious leaders cannot connect the dots can they!!!


      Come stand on that bridge.

      But I actually think you will be just fine. We don't need no stinken bridge nor do you.

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