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  • smackthisstock00 smackthisstock00 Dec 28, 2011 12:20 PM Flag

    Private Equity Buyout more likely

    I admit I shorted this stock down to $6.50 and then I got out. Must have steel balls to short now. I am now long.

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    • Or a damaged brain.

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      • Not shorting the stock at this point is one thing but to buy because it may be a "possible" take over is rather foolish?

        Isn't it insane to beleive the sponsors of this company will not drive it down further perhaps.

        Yes if you are long since the $40 or $30 or $20 the sponsors have ROYALLY screwed you and I suppose you are now perhaps scrambling to avg. down and "hope" for a buy out and it not go any lower and the buy out be above the current pps you purchase it.

        All this buying going for the past 6 mos. looks familiar like the Richie Braun - Cogdell Spencer Inc. deep jamming of its investors.

        Will Peter Nicholas and William Kucheman and management team screw all the current shareholders like Peter Yip and Bruce Cameron did with CDCS?

        Disappointing the shanningans they play.

        As for new money entering if they screwed over their longtime shareholders what would make one thing they won't do the same to new money.

        No dividend protection either.

        If they do you should post the management's team name often on the GLD, SPY and DIA so we can readily identify them for future AVOID list.

        Thanks in Advance.

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