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  • ignore_me_cuz_i_destroyed_u ignore_me_cuz_i_destroyed_u Jan 20, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

    You people are complete idiots

    WHy are losers attracted to low priced stocks?? Because they feel they can make more money. You idiots!! Stocks are low priced for a very good reason. If you want to make money in stocks go with the best companies like AAPL you idiots!!!! BSX is a complete dud and might eventually go bankrupt.

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    • It is not the vehicle you drive, but how you drive it that determines whether you reach your destination or run into the ditch. I suspect your propensity to chase winners after they have run may have left you in the AAPL ditch.

      Any stock can be a winner. Any stock can be a loser, as I am sure you know by your personal experience with AAPL.

      It is reassuring to know that I am a complete idiot. I was afraid a component might be missing.

      Cheers, and good luck to you.

    • Your mother is calling - time for lunch sweetie

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      • Comparing Apple and Boston Scientific is really pretty pointless.

        It is like comparing a fine road racing bicycle and a fine peterbilt semi-truck. Both are machines designed to move on down the road but that is where the similarity ends.

        But for arguements sakes I'll indulge. BSX has a market cap of 8.6 billion dollars and is within a few months of it's 15 year low. Apple has a market cap of of 397 billion dollars. and is within a few months of its all time high. Do I wish I had invested in Apple in 2009 when it was half that. Sure I do Hindsight is 20/20.

        But the far more interesting question is which one of these 2 stocks is more likely to grow their market cap/stock price 100 percent over the next 2 years.

        Right now everybody and their brother has an iphone and an ipad. in order for Apple to continue at its lofty levels it has to get everyone and its brother to buy more of these products and/or next generation products.

        And apple has to move its market cap through growth to 794 billion dollars to get a 100 percent gain from here.

        Bsx has to increase its market cap to 17.2 billion dollars. It was at that level just a few years back.

        All this is assuming no share buyback and no more shares being issued which is not the case for BSX. I am not sure for apple.

        But looking at this in a simply way I have to admit I would rather buy low and expect a recovery of stock price as opposed to buy at all time high and expect significant growth from there.

        Apple did it in the past but can they do it again.

        I'm liking BSX more in this comparison. Don't look backwards look forward.

    • I think you now look like an idiot today. People don't invest in BSX because of its low price as you said, but have faith in this co which will be a star performer in the new year with the new management. Hope yopu had watched the recent interview of the CEOs on CNBC. You shorts will be severely squeezed today.

    • James--do you know Apple once was in the 2-3 PPS range?

      Do you know ot takes an idiot ro know one.

      Buy BSX now.

    • Greetings,
      Perhaps your right "but perhaps your WRONG". None the less your tone of voice is some what hostile and adds no merit to your stance. We are here to learn and not to be called xy or z. Please state your reason so that I can make some sense of what it is your trying to say. Thanks

    • Sounds like someone lost some money today going short.

    • richeydouglas Jan 20, 2012 2:31 PM Flag

      why would an apple investor be bashing a low priced stock? hmmmmm. does that make any sense?

    • loser

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