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  • thisisabargain thisisabargain Feb 10, 2012 10:27 AM Flag


    Lead problems, that is!

    STJ's defibrillator lead problems are huge! It will only divert all their customers to widely reliable BSX leads. This should propel BSX to dominate the market for forseeable future.

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    • Bump See previous message

      I do not know what Jellviet's problem is and why so hateful

    • Also here is a link for you on the st.Jude Riata lead. The link I provided for you earlier is on the new Durata lead. That has already started down the same path as this lead.

      Read for yourself and stop the name calling

      And oh I am not a sales rep for BSX nor for any other device company I worked for that organization like 10 years ago. I have moved on. Please stop being so hateful it is not becoming of a lady.


    • Why call the SEC they already reported that number to them. St. Jude U.S. CRM sales number for Q4 2011 when compared to U.S. CRM sales for St, Jude Q4 2010 is a drop by 12 percent It is in the article that I quoted you time and time again.

      We are talking about U.S. sales of pacer defibs and CRT-D's call ST.Jude it is their number. It has been reported. Remember that number excludes sales outside of U.S.

    • JellyVet (sic) - you are now my favorite BSX poster.

    • STJ did not report a 12% yoy decline in US CRM sales for 2011 on their official earnings report. Have you called the SEC and turned in all the evidence you have that STJ is reporting fraudulent financial numbers? Once you have submitted your report to the SEC, let us know, otherwise you need to stop making up the 12% number.

      Over 150,000 leads Riata leads have been implanted, and all you can do is point to a few MDRs, as they taught you in BSX sales training. You never denied either that BSX has bulletproof products, and you never talk about BSX own's products and their problems, which is how I know you are a BSX sales rep. The only way you can market your products is by trashing other companies, and not even one mention of your own product.

      If you have evidence that all the leads that STJ is currently marketing are dangerous, you need to call the FDA immediately and turn in all the engineering reports, product specifications, and fraudulent design test data to the FDA so an injunction and seizure of all STJ products can proceed. Once you have personally contacted the FDA and turned in all the evidence that you have that STJ's leads pose an imminent danger to patients, let us know, otherwise you need to do something more productive than squatting on this board and trashing other companies while you sit back and pretend BSX has 100% bulletproof products that never fail.

    • What is the definition of "widely reliable" leads?

      What makes you think "all their customers" will start buying BSX leads? Are you suggesting that STJ is going to have $0 revenue from now on from ICDs, and BSX will have a monopoly on leads? Will STJ declare bankruptcy since you have insider knowledge that "all" STJ customers are going to become BSX customers overnight?

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      • My definition of widely reliable is a lead that is not on a class 1 recall by the FDA. WHich is the current recall on the Riata lead.

        Riata is the older lead and has been out for 8 years and begins failing at about 15 percent rate at the 72 month mark Study out of Ireland shows this.

        Durata the lead that they have been selling for 3 years or so is now starting to show the exact same failure mechanism "inside out abrasion" If FDA pulls the Durata lead St. Jude will have no tachy lead to sell.

        My definition of reliable: not on a class 1 recall by FDA or a lead that is almost structurally identical to a lead that is on a class 1 recall (Difference between Durata and Riata is outer Optimum coating everything else the same)

    • Once again, the numbers speak for themselves, you have no facts whatsoever to back up your assertion that BSX is gaining market share and STJ is losing

      What makes you think ICD revenue for BSX will grow? It's been declining for years. The most recent BSX earnings showed a 18% revenue drop in ICDs.

      And here are the facts to back it up:
      "Worse yet, the company was weakest in its largest and most significant businesses. Cardiac rhythm management sales were down 15% (missing estimates by more than 5%) and ICD sales were down 18% - much worse than the recently-reported results at St Jude (STJ) and strongly suggestive that BSX continues to cede share to St Jude and Medtronic (MDT)"

    • richeydouglas Feb 10, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

      It should. best products should dominate the market.

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