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  • iudan95 iudan95 Feb 20, 2012 8:04 PM Flag

    Dear Spammers, Pumpers and Dumpers

    PUMPER AND DUMPERS - Do you realize that NOTHING you say on this board is going to move the price of BSC stock by a single penny?

    No matter how many times you post: false J&J buyout rumors, this P.O.S. is going to crash soon, predictions of $10 in three months, false bankruptcy rumors or WHATEVER, you won't budge this stock either way. Even if some gullible clown traded a few thousand shares based upon something they read on here,(which they WON'T), that would only be a drop in the bucket compared to the daily volume.

    SPAMMERS - I don't care about some random website you're trying to push. No one one here is stupid enough to think that just because you reply to your own message under a different username, that someone other than you found your post helpful. Please tell me you have something better to do with your life other than create worthless message board posts.

    I'm more than happy to read posts that are either critical or supportive of this stock or its management team. Just make sure you have some substance or news or even technical analysis to talk about. If not, please go away. My ignore and report abuse buttons are nearly broken from over use.

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