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  • thisisabargain thisisabargain Mar 13, 2012 1:35 PM Flag


    1) All the Obamacare effect is already baked in, so BSX stock can only go up if there is any partial retreat from Obamacare

    2) BSX has many major medical device products that are used all over the world by millions of patients. Demand can only go up as world and US proplulation live longer and older

    3) BSX just acquired a company that has the ONLY wireless defibrillators in the whole world. I believe the demand will shift to wireless (leadless) defibrillators as more issues are raised from doctors on the leads from competirtors (MDT, STJ)

    4) BSX leads are perfect. As competitor leads and products are being scrutinized by FDA and doctors, I believe BSX leads will steal market share

    5) World-class stents are only produced by BSX. BSX is the market leader

    6) New CEO is from JNJ, so there is always the rumors of JNJ eventually buying BSX. JNJ had better hurry if they want to acquire BSX cheap!

    7)BSX produces plenty of CASH and has small low interest manageable debt.

    8) We had a dip in demand lately but DEMAND will eventually increase, increase, increase! I just read somewhere demand is picking up already!

    I am loading up!

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    • I agree. Their purchase of Cameron Health which produces the only wireless defibrillator is a game changer. Too many issues with the wires on current defibrillators. But the pullback today may reflect the recent article by Consumer Report that calls for more testing of medical devices and no fast tracking. Also, the wireless defibrillator by Cameron Health probably won't be approved until 2013. I am not aware of other important products in their pipeline. Can you expand on this?

    • Stock not trusted. Too many disappointments, recalls, malfunctions!

    • 1. Obamacare will only help BSX because more people will have access to BSX's expensive products, resulting in skyrocketing revenue growth

      2. Demand is going up by the minute, and BSX is there to meet the increasing demand

      3. BSX's leadless defibs will result in STJ and MDT going bankrupt. STJ and MDT are already seeing double digit revenue declines, once BSX starts selling the leadless defibs in the US, that will be the final nails in the coffin for STJ and MDT.

      4. All of BSX's products are perfect. BSX makes bulletproof products, with 100% reliability. BSX has never had recalls, and BSX has a spotless record with the FDA. Both MDT and STJ have FDA warning letters and their defibs and leads are pieces of junk. It's only a matter of time before STJ and MDT go out of business.

      5. World-class products are only produced by BSX, BSX already has a near monopoly in stents and CRM.

      6. New CEO left JNJ because JNJ is going down in flames. JNJ has too many recalls and they are under FDA consent decree. If anything, BSX may buy JNJ's MD&D division.

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