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  • cordialng cordialng Apr 6, 2012 5:42 PM Flag

    BSX Hosting Anti-Business Al Franken

    Heard that BSC is hosting Senator Al Franken next week. The email sent out to the masses to tout his visit listed him in error as being 'one of BSC's biggest allies'. What? Talk about butt kissing. Anyone in the med device industry that votes for Franken, Obama or Kloubachar needs to realize that they are placing their jobs and the jobs of their coworkers in jeopardy. Al voted for the 2% medical device tax. BSC already pays taxes, so this tax was totally unfair and will cost jobs. Al will give the excuse that he agrees that it was bad, but he was well on his way to fixing it before that pesky supreme court determined that the main foundation of the 2000+ page bill was not constitutional. Al also was pushing very hard to open up rules allowing very sick patients to sue medical device companies rather than going thru arbitration. His mode of operation is to cite a couple of heart wrenching cases to try to make this point, but you need to realize that Al is deeply indebted to the trial lawyers. He only stopped his work on this bill after the republicans took over the house. BSC devices treat some very sick people - allowing more people to sue will literally jam these device companies with lawsuits. Al is doing this for his lawyer friends. I hope the BSC upper management has the cojones to bring these subjects up if they meet in private. Al is NOT a friend of private companies.

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