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  • morethantime morethantime Apr 18, 2012 10:07 PM Flag

    BSX is a POS!!!

    Nicholas and Abele are two of the dumbest people I have ever known. Keep hiring new idiot managers to run the company into the ground. Idiots. I cant wait to see how bad thing are going tomorrow morning.

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    • Message to Nicholas and Abele:

      You guys are soooooooo Stupid!

      Wake up you two morons. It's 2012. BSX is still below $6.00/share. Tax selling is over. There has been no recovery in price per share.

      The press release on Alair, just like all of the past official press releases, did nothing for the stock.

      You two guys are old and stupid.

      You guys have watched your value/net worth decline by 90%.

      You guys have kept hiring one idiot after another to try to turn the company around. None of them have. Mahoney is going to be no different.

      What are you guys waiting for?

      The new Promus Element Stent got approved in the US and the price per share didn't budge. Three other devices got approved and still no PPS increase?

      The only way you will see price per share growth is thru a sale.

      I will go back into hibernation. You two old morons can go back to being old and stupid. Your poor families. You lost it all on your investment in Lehman, had to sell a ton of your BSX because you used BSX as collateral, and your still trying to act like you guys are some kind of business men?

      It is "more than time" to put this one into better hands for the future. Make the phone call to J&J. Otherwise, you can just watch the rest of what you have left continue to do absolutely nothing.


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