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  • jim.marcy jim.marcy Apr 19, 2012 2:22 PM Flag


    BSX_DECLINES is a very unhappy and unloved individual who gets great pleasure out of putting others down and feeling good when others have misfortune in their lives. Unfortuantely for him this is the only way he derives pleasure!! Fortunately for the rest of us we won't be hearing from him anytime soon because as BSX goes up he disappears due to his narcisistic tendencies which won't allow him to admit being wrong. So if BSX goes up not only do the longs make $ but as a big bonus we lose the biggest loser on this board (that would be you BSX_DECLINES since your a little slow!) Good luck to all!

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    • Marcy, you bleeding idiot, you aren't describing me, you're describing yourself.

      Just look at this post I'm replying to, you've gone way off topic, made a new Subject, just to badmouth someone you know nothing about!

      Can one person be this stupid?
      You are here, so I the answer must be a resounding 'YES'!

      I think once you pull yer head outta yer butt, you'll see that I'm right.

      P.S. You Stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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