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  • liketoloadup liketoloadup May 9, 2012 1:33 PM Flag


    BSX should be up at least 4% or 25 cents.

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    • Bsx Declines

      OK Gotcha Loud and clear.

      See ya around

    • BSX Declines blows pro

      You get what ya give in this world.

      If you can not reframe from name calling. You'll get what ya give. That simple.

      So that is a no on the Olive Branch offer?

      It is a sincere offer. I obviously can only speak for myself. So if you want to have mature, non name calling non slamming conversations. Let it start now. Draw a line in the sand from this point forward. Do not stoop to such activities.

      So I'll ask again

      Do you want to accept the proverbial Olive Branch?

      I can assure you I will not put you on ignore.

    • Ma, I'm really sorry about all the retards in your family tree, but its you that worries me the most.

      Do you really think you can post a list of slams at me, and then in the last sentence mention that 'Peace' is your intention? Are you really that stupid?

      It seems that you regress with each post, and at the rate you're going, you will be eating banana's in a cage in a day or two.

      Maybe you should try to 'think' a little bit before you post.

      Better yet, put me on Ignore.

      That will be a win-win for everyone.


    • BSX Declines Blows Pro

      I did not realize you speak for the entire board. Would that be an example of an arrogant behavior?

      So you do not like name calling. Then why do you do it?

      Bsx declines states. "Marcy Your a bleeding idiot"

      See 2nd message

      BSX Decline states "Ma You whiny little beech"

      See 3rd message down

      "Marcy is a fairy and she eats Poop"

      See 11th message down

      The above are pure examples of out right name calling

      It would be inappropriate for me to treat my daughter (she is 8 years old) as a 4 year old or to treat her as an adult. You have to treat someone to the level that they are.

      BSX Declines If you wish to be treated as a mature adult then you have to exhibit that behavior. DO not talk about my teenage mentally slow second grader as if you know her. You know nothing about her other then the few tidbits I have shared on this board. Which I now regret seeing now how she has been verbally abused by someone on this board.

      Do not speak of my supposed downs syndrome parents as if you know anything about them or who is even alive or dead in my family.

      Do not speak of my sisters and brothers breeding again you nothing of what you speak.

      I have never spoken about any members of your family as I know nothing of them.

      So in closing if you wish stop this from happening in the future accept this proverbial olive branch. Reframe from direct personal attacks or indirect personal attacks ie (attacking one's family or specific family members) Stay on topic. Be open to an opposing view. It is entirely possible that somebody has a better understanding of a giving topic and may correct you or other people or me.

      You want to have a mature conversation then exhibit mature behavior.

      I'm in let's clean up this board.

    • "This is what you will get if you do not agree with BSX declines."

      How very nice of you to lie to the entire board!

      I could care less if ma, or anyone else agrees with me. What I don't like, is being called names, and this is ma resorts to, due to his limited 'coping skills'.

      This latest round started with my innocent post, simply stating what I expected for that week (it was posted last Monday) from a TA viewpoint.

      Here's that post:

      Pretty straight-forward post, right?

      So this is the immature post from ma:

      Now this is not normal behavior for an adult. Something a punk might do, but not a mature adult.

      So this is what 'ma' refers to as:

      "This is what you will get if you do not agree with BSX declines."

      He is clearly lying to the entire board, which I find disturbing.

      I think anyone with even a marginal grasp of reality will see through his immature, deceptive behavior.

      Have A Happy Memorial Day!!!!

    • To all other readers of this board:

      This is what you will get if you do not agree with BSX declines.

      A message like the third one down in his history. That my third grader is a 15 year old second grader. Mentally slow and so on. It has been deleted by yahoo message board because of the abusive nature of the message. I mentioned her only as what do I have to explain averages now my second grader understands those. and this was BSX Declines response.

      See third message

      He has tried to control himself but once again has been unable.

      BSX Declines Blows Pro whatever

      I do not agree with you TA I find it over blown and innaccurate.

    • "Really got nothing out of it."

      I have a complete understanding of how the MA's work, I'm trying to tell you that just because YOU misunderstand my post, does not make your explanation pertinent. And yes, I think you do have a reading comprehension issue.

      You can't say my TA is off, when its moving in the direction I mentioned.

      For some reason, you can't get it through your pea brain, that I described what I thought would happen. I did NOT put a time parameter on it. So your rant about the MA's was moot.

      And I do understand when I slam someone or not. My point is, I usually have a good reason.

      Once again, I'll try to point out the obvious, and see if your pea brain can follow.

      Here's my post:

      Completely innocuous, and so far its moving in the direction I mentioned. Why you try to tell me it isn't, is beyond me, but I'm writing it off to that comprehension issue you have, you know, with the pea brain and all.

      So I post some TA thoughts, and here comes the cry-baby, trying to start trouble:

      So, who is starting trouble here, me or you?

      The clear and obvious answer is 'YOU'. The fact that you can't see that, and then write paragraph after paragraph, trying to convince yourself that you're right, only bolsters my theory that your brain is the size of a pea. And I'm thinking it's a small pea, like the kind that would come from two parents with Down Syndrome.

      Thats the only way I can make sense of you dragging this on and on, trying to stumble onto something that might make your stupid, fact-less argument work.

      Well it ain't working, and you're an idiot. The sooner you man-up and accept this, the sooner we can get onto something more meaningful. Like why your parents chose to have you.

      Didn't they know that bloodlines get corrupted when brothers and sisters breed?

      Have A Nice Weekend!

    • BSX_Declines blows pro

      Really got nothing out of it. LOL Zero, Zilch, Nada, that is what you got??? and I'm the one with reading comprehension problems?? That's rich.

      Well I'll sum it up for you in one very short sentence then.

      I think your technical assessment is way off.

      Oh and as far as the no insults or no slams. You do not even realize when you do insult or slam someone do you?? I think we have found the problem!!!!

    • I really think we need your kid to read FOR YOU, as you are TRYING to start trouble by misreading my innocuous post.

      I NEVER said this week, OR next. I simply said it MAY happen, and after the Death Cross comment, I said it COULD happen.

      YOU are very troubled, twisting my words to mean something YOU want them to.

      Lets not forget, YOU are the one that started this vindictive discussion. I was merely posting what I saw from a TA standpoint.

      Just because you can't read, don't point an accusatory finger at me.

      Point it at you, where it belongs.

      Now grow up!

    • Geez,

      I just read yer post. It sure does take you a lot of words to say nothing!

      Here's part of my original post:

      "Technically speaking, there will probably be more downside action."

      So you do see that has happened, right?

      "A drop to at least $5.70 will be necessary for some back-filling."

      So far, its dropped as far as 5.78, meaning its EIGHT CENTS from the price I mentioned, still with me?

      It might be easier for us if you get yer kid to read for you, because NO WHERE in my post did I say 'CLOSING PRICE', can you see that now, or do you feel you have to give us another family members resume?

      In that same post I mentioned the two MA's, and the fact that they MAY cross one another.

      I didn't say this week, or next. I simply mentioned the possibility.

      If I were you, I'd hold back on the arrogance, seeing how you can't even read SIX sentences without getting confused.

      If what you wrote is true, I think the kid with the Sixth Grade reading skills is WAAAY better than you.

      I would, however, like to point out (from your chart) that we are trading UNDER both the 20 DMA AND the 50 DMA.

      Today's close is only four cents above the 200 DMA. So once again, BSX is under-performing, which is pretty much what I was saying on Monday.

      Also, please note, there were no slams against anyone, no insults, no emotions at all.

      At least not until you had to get smart with this reply:

      So in closing, I think it would be best if you READ more, and posted LESS!


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